Bereaved Family Appeals To IGP, Health Minister


The family of late Foster Sarpene, a factory hand, who was allegedly electrocuted at Blowplast industries, has expressed displeasure at the conduct of the Kaneshie Police and the Borle-Bu Teaching Hospital authorities and has, therefore petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Minister of Health for justice.

The petition follows the suspicious conducts of the pathologist, Dr. E. L Eddusei who carried out the autopsy and also a police officer with the Kaneshie Police Station who is in-charge of the case.

The family has accused the police of failure to give them the police report even though payment was made about two months ago.

The family believes the police failed in their duty to ensure that the family had access to the body for identification before autopsy, which under strange circumstances, was performed without the presence of a police investigator and a family representative.

A source close to the family revealed that other institutions and bodies will be petitioned to enable the family establish why the late Foster, a factory hand with no training to operate a an extruder machine was, however, under strange circumstances, assigned to operate an extruder machine in the company, which requires trained and qualified person.

The family suspects foul play and believes the Doctor and the hospital authorities are concealing evidence about the cause of death because they denied family members access to the body from Monday 5th September, 2011 until 3rd November, 2011 when it was released for interment on 4th November, 2011.

According to the petition, several efforts by the family to have access to the autopsy report to ascertain the cause of death has proven futile till date.

The petition also called for investigations into the conduct of Dr. E. L. Eddusei, the pathologist at the Kole-bu Teaching Hospital who carried out the autopsy, in a Coroner Case, without the presence of the family and the police on 12th September 2011, which is mandatory.

The deceased was pronounced dead on arrival at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital sometime Sunday mid-night, 4th September, 2011. The mystery death of Foster Sarpene who was on night shift occurred at the Blowplast Industries on the Graphic Road on Sunday 4th September, 2011 and the accident reported to the Kaneshie police on Monday 5th September, 2011.

The family was met with the decomposed body at the Korle-bu mortuary on the 3rd of November, 2011, which was also the first time the family was allowed to see the body after the tragic death.

The family of the late Foster Sarpene said they are petitioning the IGP and the Health Minister in order to establish the truth about the death of their son to relieve them from the psychological trauma they are going through as a result of the bad state they found the body the hospital authorities finally released to them after two months of pain and struggle.


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