Begging Does Not Make You A Good Lawyer


Akufo-Addo’s Law Partner Tells Bitter Ayikoi-Otoo

Ex-Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Joseph Nii Ayikoi-Otoo might be regretting his decision to sacrifice his friendship with many of the nine Supreme Court justices and getting the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie alias Sir John, from serving jail term.

He has been told in the face by Nana Akufo-Addo’s law partner and co-owner of Akufo-Addo, Prempeh & Co. Mr.H Kwasi Prempeh that “Being a good lawyer is not the same as begging for mercy before a court that has made up its mind already and is not willing to hear legal arguments”.

Lawyer Ayikoi Otoo who is the Chairman of the NPP Legal and Constitutional Committee feels sidelined by his exclusion from the party’s legal team, challenging the presidential results in the Election Petition at the Supreme Court, last week told the NPP to use him more.

Dr.Nyaho-NyahoTamakloe, also publicly declared that the NPP would have stood a better chance of winning the Election Petition case at the Supreme Court, had Lawyer Ayikoi-Otoo instead of Philip Addison led the Nana Addo legal team, suggesting that is not a competent lawyer.

But Mr.H Kwasi Prempeh on his post via his facebook wall laughed off the suggestion that Ayikoi-Otoo, would have done better than Philip Addison.

He wrote: “Hahaha. Being a good lawyer is not the same as begging for mercy before a court that has made up its mind already and is not willing to hear legal arguments”.

During the Kufuor era, a certain Kwasi Prempeh always travelled from abroad to hold seminars for Ghanaian Parliamentarians, and also spoke on many national issues, but was more seen as an ardent supporter of the NPP. It is unclear if it is the same Kwasi Prempeh.

However, this Mr.H Kwasi Prempeh is said to be one of the founding fathers of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) run by Prof. E. Gyiman-Boadi.

He is also said to be a law professor based in the United States of America (USA) and lectures in Constitutional Law.

Mr H Kwasi Prempeh who is a friend of Kwame Akufo, Nana Addo’s nephew and member of the legal team at the Supreme Court Elections Petition
hearing, Herbert Krapa Nana Addo’s Press Secretary and his bosom friend Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe, Franklin Cudjoe and many others including editor Kweku Baako, posted the comment in reaction to Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe’s revelations that Lawyer Ayikoi-Otoo was kicked out of the NPP legal team.

Mr H Kwasi Prempeh lectures at Seton Hall University Law School Newark- New Jersey in the US.

Meanwhile, a key member of the Petitioners’ legal team battling the results of the 2012 elections, has criticised Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe for suggesting that the NPP sidelined Lawyer Ayikoi-Otoo when it was constituting the team to battle the results of the 2012 Election.

Akoto Ampaw said, the comments by the NPP founding member were “uncalled for” and completely “diversionary,” and suggested that Nana Addo was fighting a private battle, hence reserves the right to choose his preferred lawyers.

Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe made the headlines this week, when he called for the resignation of the convicted General Secretary of the NPP, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie.

He said, the humiliation suffered by Afriyie, popularly called Sir John, when he appeared before the Supreme Court on charges of contempt is so embarrassing, he should not continue to play his role as General Secretary of the party.

The enigmatic founding member of the NPP, also waded in another controversy when he suggested that Ayikoi Otoo, former Attorney General and Chairman of the Legal and Constitutional Committee of the NPP was initially part of the Petitioners’ legal team but was eliminated.

Tamakloe has since been met with venom by some of the members of the NPP.

On Joy FM and MultiTV news analysis programme, Newsfile, Saturday, Akoto Ampaw, who is now the spokesperson of the Petitioners said, the comments by Nyaho-Tamakloe were not necessary.

“To what purpose is that comment,” he questioned, especially when the case has ended and judgement is at hand, he added.

Akoto Ampaw said, he is not a member of the NPP but stated in law, clients choose their lawyers. He was chosen by Nana Addo to be part of the team.

He said, the NPP as a party may have a legal team, but the 2012 campaign team of Nana Addo, may also have its own legal team. The petition arose as a result of the campaign, he noted.

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