Begbo Youth Sets Scholarship Fund For Poor Students


By Gifty Arthur

A youth group from Tafi, a Kente Weaving Community in the Afadjato South District of the Volta Region, has instituted a scholarship scheme to support needy, but brilliant students. The Fund is aimed at assisting these children, pursue higher education.

The group, Begbo Youth Movement (BYM), was launched and it first activity of raising funds was started last Saturday in Accra, to realize the above mentioned dream.

Members, who are mainly residents in the Greater Accra Region, according to their president, Harrison Mawutor Odum, are poised and committed to sustain the Fund to assist the underprivileged, but brilliant students.

The young men and women, who are largely from the Begbo clan conceived the idea in April this year and so far, the support and commitment according to Mr. Odum, has been impressive revealing, money and other support started trickling down even before the launch.

Throwing more light on their activities, Mr. Odum, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OSHEC Engineering Solution said, the decision to come together in the first place was to assist their chief Togbe Kasu IV, who rules the entire Tafi Abuife, to develop the town which is very deprived.

“We came together with the main aim of developing the town and to help our chief put up more developmental projects and as brothers and cousins, we formed this group, the Begbe Youth Movement, which am the president.

The first project that came to mind, was the establishment of a scholarship fund to help our brothers and sisters in the village, who are very brilliant, but for no fault of theirs, cannot be able to go to school, because of lack of funding.

So some of us, who are a bit privilege to have been educated and by God’s grace have gotten at least our daily bread, we decided to give back to society by coming together to raise funds. The aim is that it is not going to remain at the fund level, it is going to be moved to the whole of Tafi Abuife, which is made up of four towns”, he said.

At the launch and fundraising ceremony which attracted a good number of indigenes, a target of twenty thousand Ghana Cedis, was set and according to the president, they are on course to achieve that as pledges, promises and commitment by individual, friends, and families, show that they will be able to meet it.

He said, though in future they may consider to include other projects, at present, they are focused on the scholarship scheme.

For the first year which is 2015, two needy, but brilliant students entering the Senior High School (SHS), will be selected to benefit from the Fund, adding that going forward, more numbers will be added probably at the basic and junior high level.

Mr. Odum, said the group was exceedingly happy for what they had achieved so far, as he conceded that at the initial stage there was some level of discouragement, but with the support of their chief, patrons and people around them, they have never been perturbed.

In future he said, the group would be looking forward to extending the gesture to incorporate the three other communities which make up the Tafi Abuife area. Togbe Kasu IV, who graced the occasion was full of praise saying, “I think it is a laudable idea”.

He supported the vision of the group saying, “our target is not the few individuals here, but the larger people out there. It is my hope that in a year’s time, there will be more success stories”, he concluded.

A private legal practitioner, who served as chairman for the occasion, Timothy Borazo Agbleg, applauded the initiative, adding that “it is the greatest honourable idea”, and encouraged everyone to support the course.

He said if supported and well planned, the Fund he predicted would grow to become a force to reckon with.

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