Before Madina Becomes Covid-19 Epicentre

Ghana on March 12, announced its first two cases of Coronavirus, popularly known as Covid-19, when two people returned from Norway and Turkey.

Since then the numbers have been increasing, with no sign of abating anytime soon. As at yesterday, May 5, Ghana’s case count leaped from 2,169 to 2,719, with 550 new infections.

Despite the laudable efforts of all stakeholders, including but not limited to the government, frontline health workers, religious bodies, political parties, the media, civil society organsiations etc, the Covid-19 cases keep increasing in the country.

Ghana is far from the end of the pandemic, as this newspaper notes with dismay that despite the reality of the pandemic and frightening statistics of infection, some people are not observing the safety guidelines announced by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Regrettably, amid the spread of the killer virus, authorities in Madina, especially the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Madam Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi and her outfit are not doing enough to educate the people on the need to observe all the safety protocols.

A visit to the Madina market, the lorry station and Zongo Junction, will reveal a clustering of people, who are not wearing nose mask, as well as observing social distancing.

We find it disturbing that most residents in the municipality don’t believe the reality of the existence of Covid -19, no thanks to the lack of education and the enforcement of president Akufo-Addo’s directive by the local authourity.

Unfortunately, in the considered opinion of this newspaper, it seems authorities and opinion leaders in Madina, have not gotten the memo on the deadly virus. The way and manner life is normal in Madina, do not suggest otherwise.

It is a known fact that, where people gather, such as markets, lorry parks etc are some of the quickest ways for the COVID-19 virus to spread exponentially.

In view of the foregoing, we call on authorities in Madina, to not only intensify education on the need for self preservation, but to arrest and put before court people who flout the announced safety guidelines.



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