Bawku: Fraud victim dies; Hundreds rain curses on suspect.


An over forty year old woman in the Upper East region, name withheld, is alleged to have lost her life due to cardiac failure, following Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri, defrauding her of an unspecified amount.

The suspect, Emmanuel Azimbe, 35, a self styled business man cum nurse, is alleged to have defrauded several unsuspecting victims in the most deprived and poorest region in the country with his purported  construction firm, known as  ‘Winyellug’ Enterprise, with which he issued Fake contract documents to the victims.

The suspect is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Azimbe Private Hospital based in Atuba, a suburb of the Binduri district of the Upper East region.

Many victims of this fraudulent act, has described it as the second highest to have hit the nation after the famous Menzgold gold dealership scam.

Independent checks established by the reveals that, the suspect owns other private laboratories in Bolgatanga, Zuarungu, Zebilla and another one in Fumbisi, in the Builsa South district and a Maternity home, situated at the heart of Bolgatanga, capital of the Upper East region.

Further investigation reveals that, many of the victims are church members, members of the opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC), and other close associates who lamented this occurred due to the high trust they had in the suspect.

This portal can report that prominent figures in the upper East region and beyond who have falling victim to his scam are unwilling to report to the police due to the embarrassing stigma.

Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri, popularly known as Director, was arrested by police in the upper East region on 20th April, 2019 having gone into hiding for months in the name of ill health. Most of his victims are throwing blames on the upper East regional offices of the Economic and Organize Crime Office (EOCO), for failing them.

Following persistent failed attempts by his now deceased victim, to retrieve her hard earned lock up funds from Emmanuel Azimbe, she allegedly developed a heart related medical condition which complicated into a cardiac failure until his death on Saturday June  15, 2019 at the Bawku Presbyterian hospital after she was rushed there by family members.

Trustworthy sources in Sabongari, an enclave in Bawku, earlier told this portal that hundreds of mourners at the funeral ground rained unforgiving curses on Emmanuel Azimbe, as well as his friends who are allegedly protecting and bad coaching him. “I swear, Allah will soon speak, there and then, we will know who is powerful; Azimbe or Allah” a victim told this portal.

A source described the mood of mourners at the funeral ground as sad and horrific.

This portal understands that the late victim is a bread winner of her family.

Meanwhile, credible information available to this portal indicates that some of his victims in the coming days will petition the president of the republic and other relevant institutions following what they say is a Soddy investigation done by upper East regional unit of the Economic and Organize Crime Office (EOCO).

They are equally raising eyebrows over how the police are handling the case.” We will soon petition the Director of CID, the Attorney general and the chief justice” a hard hit victim who couldn’t control his tears told this portal.

In a related development, a group of young individuals going by the name “Binduri Young Patriots” are calling on the upper East regional police command to arrest  Mr. Simon Aruku Azimbe, incumbent Binduri Constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and a parliamentary hopeful for aiding and abetting with the alleged fraudster, Emmanuel Azimbe, his younger brother.

In a release signed on behalf of the group by Mr Akolbila Edward Alem, the group is also alleging that Mr Simon Azimbe and his brother operated as syndicate. The group accused Mr Simon Azimbe of aiding Mr Emmanuel Azimbe, similarly in the past.

“My brother, the entire Missiga, is currently quite over the woman’s death. It’s very painful,” a source told this portal.

Anger, is hiking at a faster speed in Bawku in particular and parts of the upper East region over Azimbe’s scam.

Most victims of Mr Emmanuel Azimbe’s alleged fraudulent activities are swearing thunder and lightning to disprove him and his cohorts, following his alleged endless claim that no spiritual powers (juju), on Earth can match him.

It is rumoured in the upper East that Mr Emmanuel Azimbe, at the later part of 2018 and early 2019, made frequent visits from one spiritualist to another both in and outside Ghana for protection and fortification.

“My brother, he can travel to both the Moon and the sun for protection, but he should note that Allah is the creator of all that exists including the alleged powers he is boasting of” an angry victim spoke to this portal with a muscle itching body and an unforgiving tone.

It will be recalled that when ‘Ghanaian eye’ elaborated the dubious scandal of Emmanuel Azimbe months ago, some unscrupulous individuals took it upon themselves and uncharacteristically instituted an empty, bragging and shameless verbal attacks on the portal’s  upper East regional reporter.

Mr Azimbe, allegedly collapsed in the Bolgatanga municipal police cells upon his arrest and thus was rushed to the Bolgatanga regional hospital where he was on admission for some days. His legal team, however, stood on health grounds and got him bailed.

Most of his victims, received the news of his bail with flaming anger.


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