Banks Are Taking Ghanaians For A Ride


Privatization and liberalization is supposed to engender competition and bring out the best in organizations and people.

In other parts of the world, it has led to improvement in the provision of service and has enhanced customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, in Ghana customers are made to go through unbearable situations in the hands of service providers. Quality of service in this country has become a mirage and no matter how much you are ready to pay or you are billed, you will still not get it.

Service providers pay so much by way of advertisement, you have the best of adverts, which quickly attracts customers to them, but their excitements are usually short-lived, because most often they over promise and under deliver, when this should be the other way round.

It is very sad that most people in Ghana subscribe to more than one mobile service provider, not by choice, but because of necessity. Why should this be the case, it is because the value service as we say is the same.

Our admonitions today is on the banks in Ghana, they treat their customers as if they do not matter, yet it is he customers that keep them in business.

A visit to any of our banks and you will be surprise to find out that they do not have wash rooms or places of convenience for their customers, who will wish to visit the washroom.

The annoying part is that some of the banking halls are filled to capacity, with long queues and so a transaction that should otherwise take like ten minutes, sometimes takes between thirty to one hour. Anything could happen in-between the waiting time at the hall.

Sometimes, while waiting for confirmation to withdraw a third party cheque, it takes eternity and so it is an insult to customers, who would want to attend to natures call only to realize that there are no wash room to visit.

We always hear slogans, such as customer first and how important the customer is, yet when it comes to the needs of the customer, that is thrown to the backburner.

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