Bagre’ Dam And The Annual Spillage

In 1992, the government of Burkina Faso, built a multipurpose dam on the White Volta located near Bagré Village at a cost of 67 million CFA from the World Bank.

The fury of flooding, begun in 1999 during a rainy season up North, when the dam could no longer contain anymore water beyond its 235m depth.

This year marks 19 years of another spillage, which is an artificially created Ghanaian problem. The spillage has claimed lives and property in its wake.

We count the cost and loss every year and nothing is being done about it.

In other jurisdictions, with the yearly recurrent spillage, the people would listen to the authorities and take precaution. In Ghana, people likely to be affected decide to live in denial when told to relocate from their homes.

This newspaper thinks, the people cannot be entirely blamed, because most of them are farmers, and have their homes there.

The argument among them when asked to evacuate is that they have nowhere else to go to. Ironically, when the Bagre Dam is open, the same people will find somewhere to go to.
Two deaths were recorded in 2017. In 2015, five people died. In 2014,  the country recorded ten deaths. In 2010, nine fatalities were also recorded. The loss of livestock, farms, and properties each year, has not been costed.

The 2015 losses include; over 650 hectares of farmlands in Bawku in the Upper East region. At least 1,200 farmers were affected, some turning suicidal.

In 2007 at least,104 houses collapsed, 13 public schools destroyed.  Some 30,000 acres of farm land gone and 24 communities flooded.

The people living in the three Northern regions-Upper East, Upper West and the Northern region, continue to be confounded by not only the spillage, but floods, as well.

19 years since the first Bagre Dam spillage, we have not as a country thought of a solution and we claim to be a country occupied by sane people.

We do not need to spend money every year to send relief items to the people living along the dam, the cumulative cost of the relief items over the period, is enough for Ghana to build its own dam, to receive the water from the Bagre Dam.

This newspaper is persuaded to appeal to the government to do something about this annual man-made disaster, which manifest negative impact is frightening.






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