Bad Road Condition In Foster Home Community


……Residents Complain

There are countless number of roads in the country; not forgetting the fact that there are both good and bad ones roads, as well.

Frafraha Foster home community is located on the adenta dodowa road. This is a community with about close to two thousand inhabitants. Residents in this community,  complain daily over bad roads and are united in grief, because the roads are dilapidated, despite repeated promises from subsequent and current government to fix them.

The roads in the community, are untarred and dusty, thus bringing a lot of discomfort to both drivers and residents.

Considering the time drivers and passengers spend on the dusty roads, with food vendors and shop owners, having dust blown in their faces on a daily basis, as well as pedestrians who use the road,  it is evident that they would face health challenges due to this.

According to a resident, the situation is so bad that it has become a painful experience for pregnant women and newborn babies, who travel to hospitals to give birth or antenatal care.

A worker and a resident at the Animal Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-ARI) also shared his grief.

According to him, “roads leading to the community schools, police station, orphanage home, and as well the community clinic are dusty and full of potholes. He further said that, the state of the road worsens when it rains as the potholes deepen and widen and there are no gutters at the side of the roads and on most occasions students have to walk in water before getting to school and it is really a pitiful sight to see the road in such a state.

A taxi driver also explained that due to the nature of the road in the community, motto bike, is the major means of transportation in the community.

Most taxi drivers, do not want to work on such roads, due to the damage to their cars.

With the attendant potholes, the situation, has become unbearable.

The taxi driver further stated that, the situation is affecting in their pockets,  forcing them to stay out of business and compelling residents who do not enjoy sitting on motto bikes and do not get access to trotro on time to walk long distance to the main adenta dodowa road junction to pick a car.

Considering the facilities this roads leads to, the question the residents are asking is, what is the government doing about the situation?

Are they waiting for another election period to make promises to the people and not fulfill them when in power?

Human life should not be allowed to be whisked by bad roads. School children cannot continue to suffer while going to school to learn.

It is my hope and that of the community members that the local authorities would channel our grievances to the government.

By; Tenu Alice Makafu

Ghana Institute Of Journalism

Level 300

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