Ayikai Doblo Lands Are Stool Lands –Akumajay Manste


By Cecil Mensah

The Akumajay Divisional Council of the Ga Traditional Council, has insisted that the tracts of lands at Ayikai Doblo of the Ga West municipality in the Greater Accra Region, are stool lands under the divisional council in Accra.

According to the council, a presiding judge of the High Court, justice P. Bright Mensah, has ruled that Doblo lands are stools lands.

Nii Kwefio III, Dzasetse of Ayikai Doblo, made this comment on behalf of the Divisional Chief of Akamajay; Nii Ayikai III, at a press conference in reaction to claims by one Ayikai Doblo II, a self-styled chief of Ayikai Doblo that lands in the area are family lands.

Nii Kwefio III, questioned how the entire lands in the area, belong to only three families?

He said, in the said claims by Ayikai Doblo II, known in private life as Oto Otinkorang the lands in the area belong to three families namely Okani Mensah We, Nii Kwefio We and Doblo We, this according to Nii Kwefio III is not true.

He declared that Oto Otinkorang, has not been installed as chief and has not been installed under the said stool name and therefore not recognized by the council.

He explained that, the claims by the self-styled chief that divisional chief of Akamajay, should not interfere in the internal affairs of the area and that he (AyikaiDoblo) has got judgment in favour of the three ruling houses in the area.

He said, in view of Ayikai Doblo’s claims, he had hired the services of a private security firm, by name Positive Drive Investment Limited, among land guards to terrorize legitimate residence of the village.

He added that, with the support of some police officers the company located at Adenta in Accra, has started allocating lands in the area to prospective buyers without the knowledge of the stool.

He gave the registration of the police vehicle used in the operation to terrorize residents as GP 3831.

He notes the company owned by Mr. Abdul Hamid Issaka, has been supporting the self-styled chief to take a total of 4,400.20 Acres of Ayika iDoblo lands.

We the elders and king makers of the area, want to state clearly that the affected residents numbering about one thousand are lamenting that the activities of the hired police officers and land guards, have lost plot of lands legally acquired from Ni iAyikai III and others namely, Nii Kwefio II, NiiAyite II, Mankralo of Ayikai Doblo and Nii Amu Dodoo, he maintained

He said, it is unfortunate for the police to allow itself to be used in terrorizing land owners, who have properly acquired their properties from the stool.

We are calling on the police to desist from the illegal actions in the area to avoid blood bath between members of the stool.

He stated that a court of competent jurisdiction, has ruled that the Land Tittle the company purports to hold, is fraudulent.

According to him, a ruling by an Accra Circuit Court presided by Her Lordship, Mrs. Jennifer Akua Tagoe, dated July 28, 2008, supports the claims that, Doblo Ayikai II, is not a chief of Ayikai Doblo.

He took the opportunity to debunk the claims that, they are no red flags over Doblo lands as the three family heads are in charge of affairs.

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