Awutu-Senya East Mce Commends Dr. Jesus Prayer Ministry For Embarking On Massive Sanitation Project At Kasoa Market.


By Bernard Quanson.

The MCE for Awutu-Senya East, Michael Mensah, has commended the Dr. Jesus Prayer Ministry for embarking on a massive clean-up exercise at the Kasoa new market in the Awutu-Senya Municipality of the Central- Region.

The exercise was instituted by the Dr. Jesus Prayer Ministry near Liberia Camp and Pink FM, a Kasoa based Radio Station with support from the Awutu- Senya East Municipal Assembly.

Speaking at the maiden edition of the Clean-up exercise, Mr Mensah noted that other churches across Ghana, should emulate the shining example of Dr. Jesus Prayer Ministry led by Prophet Kofi Sammy, who marshalled and mobilised a large number of his congregation to sweep and clean gutters last Saturday at the Kasoa new market.

Mr Mensah further stressed that, other media houses, have to emulate Pink FM’s good example by collaborating with churches and other stakeholders to embark on such big sanitation initiatives, in order to promote cleanliness in our environments.

He said Pink FM, has Sanitation Programme on their Radio, which they have practicalised with their collaboration with the church to see to it that, their environment is clean, adding that they do not only create awareness, but also involved in the real solution of sanitation challenges.

He said, he was amazed at the large church members who turned up at the programme and in the manner of about two hours, did a great job by cleaning that big market, in fact one of the biggest markets in West- Africa.

The MCE averred that, it showed clearly that Dr Jesus Ministry, is aware that cleanliness is next to Godliness and continued that the body of man is the Temple of God, which must be kept clean, as when we live in dirt we can become sick and cannot go to church to worship the lord faithfully and peacefully.

Community Work

The MCE, attested to the fact that, nobody or group of people, have ever organised any clean-up campaign at the Kasoa New Market that can be compared to what took place on Saturday by the church and Pink FM.

Mr Mensah noted that, the main cause of poor sanitary practice in Africa, is negative attitudes and the disregard of Sanitation laws, unlike Europe and elsewhere where the law works.

He said, it was unfortunate that in our part of the world, bad politics has led to sabotaging good works of a group of people, who may be in an opposing political Party , adding that even with the clean-up excise at the market, whilst the church was cleaning the place, some market women or traders were seen littering the place.

He said the collaboration with the church is very important, because people respect and listen to religious leaders than others, so such collaborations have to be intensified for better sanitation results.

He said the previous sanitation programmes did not make any impact, because we never planned for tools for the projects and also it was more of a political exercise with huge budgets than the one that they are doing now with the church, which are better prepared for the work.

He said, based on the fact that religious leaders are influential, it is important for political and traditional leaders to collaborate with them to achieve social and other civil goals for faster national development.

Mr Mensah noted that it is because religious leaders and religious groups are influential that, politicians during their campaigns go to churches for blessings and also send their various messages out there for votes  from church members and also stressed that many other more people listen when Pastors speak.

He noted that based on the above analysis and notion, he the MCE, would not end the good relationship that has been made between the church, the assembly and Pink FM.

He continued that, it is even his wish to embark on this sanitation exercise quarterly, so that their aim of getting the Kasoa municipality clean, is achieved.

On his part, the Founder and Leader of the Dr Jesus Prayer Ministry, Prophet Kofi Sammy, noted that he has accepted the suggestion of the MCE for all the parties of this exercise to meet and plan to sustain the Sanitation project for the benefit of the entire Awutu- Senya Municipality.

He said when we talk about sanitation, personal and environmental sanitation is very important because cleanliness is next to Godliness and also it is very healthy for both traders at the market and their customers to operate in a clean market or environment that is why his Prayer Ministry decided to enter into such a partnership to serve their community.

He said when you live in a healthy environment God’s anointing even comes upon you faster because the lord abhors dirty environment.

Prophet Sammy called on other churches to emulate their example so that more people will join the campaign to clean the entire nation for good health and also to attract the blessings of God and his favours and for the nation to move forward.

He presented eight big Rubbish Bins to be placed at vantage places in the market for rubbish to be dumped into them to avoid littering the market with waste materials.

The Operations Manager of Pink FM ,  Mr. William Aduhene in an interview with the media noted that his outfit has realised that waste or filth has engulf the entire Kasoa Municipality leading to typhoid fever and other ailments that is why they collaborated with Dr Jesus Prayer Ministry to make Kasoa new market clean.

He further stated that as Christmas approaches more people will go to the market to buy food items so they want all refuse out there to be evacuated to avoid flies from the refuse which normally are the vectors of various insanitary related diseases, so that all can celebrate the festivities in peace.

Mr Aduhene, advised the traders to put their refuse into dustbins for Zoomlion vehicles and workers can send them to refuse sites after sales, to avoid the huge volumes of filth on the floors of the market to prevent diseases.

The clean-up was very successful to the admiration of participants, the media, security people, NADMO officials and other stakeholders at the market.

The Awutu-Senya Municipal Assembly, also did well by providing Zoomlion Vehicles to collect the refuse that was swept in all corners of the market to the dump site.

Picture…. Hon. Michael Mensah , Awutu-Senya East,  MCE(left), Prophet Kofi Sammy alias Dr. Jesus(right), Leader of the Dr. Jesus Prayer Ministry and his church members at the market .









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