Awayaso Wuogon By-Election, Shame Of A Nation

Surreptitiously, by-elections in this country are being characterized by violence if not properly checked will become a source of our disintegration.

For the first time since 1992, when we ushered in the Fourth republican dispensation, a political has to pull out of an election when voting has commenced because of intimidation.

The news is all over the place regarding the manhandling and pounding supporters of the National Democratic Congress, including the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, who was slapped like a common criminal. .

The atrocities and the chaos are attributed to vigilante groups belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). These vigilante groups come in varying nomenclature, and yet they mean two things, death and destruction.

Perhaps, it is cogent watching videos from Ayawasu to dramatise the destructive effect of these Vigilante groups, who have nothing good to offer this nation.

After 27 years of practicing multi-party democracy, if we cannot organize a transparent and peaceful election, then we still do not understand the meaning of democracy.

When vigilante groups started terrorizing innocent Ghanaians when the current government was birthed, those who saw ahead warned us that, the country is sitting on time bomb, some people  also thought they were mere irritants that could be dispersed with a whip.

Unfortunately, the government recruited them into the national security and unleashed them yesterday to relive what they did to their own in 2017.

Four girls, have been kidnapped since December, why can’t these irritants be used to trace them.

The most dangerous of the factors that brings about all these is youth unemployment. We are of the firm conviction that if these guys are put to productive use, the penchant for them to cause mischief will be drastically reduced.

In our opinion, it is time as a country we took a holistic look at the issue of Vigilante groups, with a view to disbanding them.

Whatever intentions that informed the decision of the political parties to form them, have been abused and compromised.

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