Atomic Trotro Station; Another Example Of Leadership Failure

Although, the gas explosion last year at the Atomic Junction was unfortunate and regrettable, it was a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes, you have to get burnt, in order to pull something from the fire.  The gas explosion exposed the inadequacy of the managers of roads, including the municipal assembly, under whose jurisdiction atomic junction falls.

Until the explosion, the traffic situation at the Atomic Junction was simply unbearable. Commuters on that stretch of road, especially users of trotro, will relate and can share the ordeal they go through.

They are forced to alight on top of the overhead, instead of under the bridge, at the designated bus stops because trotro drivers going to Madina, Adenta and its environs, avoid the traffic.

The traffic was reduced drastically after the incident, because the trotro station at the atomic junction was relocated, this allowed for free flow of traffic.

It was obvious after the relocation that, the commercial cars were the cause of the traffic.

We all know how indiscipline our commercial drivers are, they can turn a double lane into a single lane, by taking over the road and parking indiscriminately.

The joy of users of that road, was short-lived as the trotros are back again, this time at the place the explosion took place.

The distance from where they relocated to, to the old station, was just a stone throw, the assembly, should have taken a lot of things into consideration, before bringing them back.

The problems in this country are self inflicted; we all know how traffic affects productivity, commuters spend man hours in traffic, when they should be at work or home resting for the next day.

We are all interested in what we can get, rather than how will it benefit all. We are sure that, if we dig further into why the trotros, were brought back, we will get to find out that, someone benefited financially from this action.

We have maintained that, the Municipal Chief Executive of Madina, is not fit for purpose, what was her level of experience for her to be given a municipality to run?

We are of the considered view that, electing Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), will go a long way to helping reduce putting square pegs in round holes.

Someone, should start using their head, if we keep proper data in this country, it could have prompted whoever took the decision to bring the trotros back to know, how much relieve their relocation brought to commuters and the economic benefit it brought to the nation.



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