Atomic Gas Explosion Should Be The Last Of Its Kind

Another explosion, another disaster, another death, another tear, wailing and mourning, just because, as Ghanaians, we have refused to use our brains, and we take everything for granted, including our health and safety.

We have the finest of laws and regulations for the sectors of our economy, but corruption on the part of those mandated to implement the laws and regulations and the negligence of the owners, who have also decided to turn a blind eye and deaf ears for their greed, have conspired to produce the mess that we are dealing with.

We will all make noise, pretend we want change, but the citizenry is not angry enough when it comes to their wellbeing and welfare and so the politicians will continue to make promises and give assurances they know they can’t keep, because we the citizens, don’t demand of them.

All the disasters that have claimed the lives of many people in this country are manmade or man induced ones.

Nature has been so generous to us that, the sort of natural disasters that ravage other countries, have not been visited upon us.

What happened over the weekend at Atomic Junction around Madina, is not the first of such disasters in less than three years.

Families are still living with the pains of losing their loved ones at Circle some two years ago. What happened at Trade Fair, is still fresh on our minds and yet we about our daily activities as if nothing is wrong.

Corruption will bring this country to its knees, if things remain the same. We all live above our means and although, we have more churches and mosques combine, more than factories, one wonders, what our Imams and Pastors preach?

The Vice-president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, visited the scene of the accident on Sunday, his visit was followed by that of the president on Monday.

Speeches were made, assurances given that, this would never happen again, but unfortunately, we have gone full circle with these speeches and assurances.

Today we mourn the dead and empathize with the injured, it is our prayers that, this is the last of such tragedies that. We can prevent or avoid.

Never again should this happen to our dear country, it is time for the laws, regulations and policies to work. If an axe, must fall, it must, regardless of whose Ox is gored.



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