Association Of Small Scale Miners Should Spare Us The Empty Threats

Small scale miners, last week, had the impudence and the presence of mind to organize a press conference to issue threats and give ultimatum to the government and the rest of us.

Their anger stemmed from the fact that, the government has suspended all small scale mining activities, until the fight on galamsey, has achieved some remarkable results.

The actions of some of our compatriot bring to mind, whether as a country, we are really ready for democracy. If those guys believe in the rule of law and the responsibility of the state to the people, they will respect the ban and work with the government, so that the issues could be resolve speedily.

Reports received so far, indicate that, there is really a difficulty in identifying who is a small scale miner and who is involved in galamsey, as all of them have all the necessary documentation.

These guys, who think they are more Ghanaians than all of us and don’t give a hoot about the devastating effect the activities of galamsey is having on the environment , should know that, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

What they have done shows that, some of them, if not all of them, are involved in galamsey and that, the decision taken by the government, will prevent them from going on with their activities.

Until the media, decided to mount a crusade on galamsey, they, who are the players should have drawn the attention of Ghanaians on the activities of galamseyers. But because they are also blameworthy, they decided to keep quiet until now.

When last did they organize a press conference or even issued a press statement to bring to the attention of Ghanaians, what was happening at our blind side?

The empty threats can never be mightier than the might of the state, government will do what it ought to do, to save our water bodies and forest from depletion.

The conceited efforts from all stakeholders is bearing fruit, association of small scale miners, who have been mining for decades and have made a windfall over the years, should spare us the crocodile tears and hypocritical cry everyone makes, when the law catches up on them, about ‘how they are going to feed their families’, won’t wash.

A month after the ban and they are already going hungry, what did they do with the monies they made over the years?





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