Ashanti NDC Vice Chairmen Caution Party Leadership


…And Urges Them To Be Wary Of NPP’s Problems Ahead Of Internal Elections

By Cecil Mensah

The recent media banter that is rearing its ugly head ahead of the intra- party politics of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), has given the impetus for some concerned party executives from the Ashanti Region, to sound a word of caution to the party to quickly nib it in the bud, before it escalates.

According to the Chairmen from the world bank of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), the lessons from the NPP’s last polling station election are there for the NDC to learn from.

The Association led by , Alhaji Usman Ibrahim, who is also the Vice-Chairman for Offinso South Constituency and the President of the Ashanti Regional Vice-Chairmen Association of the ruling NDC sounded this caution in an exclusive interview with The Herald.

He said the opposition NPP has gone through hell as a result of some elements in the party skewing the polling stations elections in favour of certain candidates in the race to lead the party for the 2016 Presidential elections, hence the petty bickering that has emerged.

He pleaded with the NDC leadership not to repeat the mistakes of the NPP or else it will live to regret it.

The astute politician, who is gunning for the vacant Offinso South Constituency chairmanship position of the party, because his predecessor Mr Kings
Adu Boahen is not running in the upcoming elections.

“The NPP’s mistakes should not be repeated and it must not be allowed to happened before leaders start looking for an antidote remedy it”, he said
He noted that a committee must be set up made of forthright individuals in the party to form the core of the Elections Petition Committee to address some of the complaints that might arise out of the upcoming nationwide internal elections.

Alhaji Ibrahim, who was once the party’s branch chairman for Asunafo and Gaoso for sixteen years and Constituency Propaganda Secretary for four years, before being elected to the position of Vice Chairman, argued that the suspended polling station elections in certain parts of the region was fraught with acrimonies and fierce internal bickering.

He mentioned the areas as Berekum and Afransuo as classical instances, which was characterized by internal bickering, where some members contended that they were not properly informed of the date and venue for the elections.

He warned the National Executives to avoid the situation where some leading members secretly support relatively unknown candidates to contest sitting executives.

According to him, this will be the bane of the apathy among supporters for the 2016 elections, particularly in the Ashanti Region.

He called on the members to endeavour to halt the petty politicking and forge ahead to retain power in 2016.

He reminded all to support the President, John Dramani Mahama to succeed as his failure as a Northerner will affect the fortunes of all Northerners in the party.

He minces no words to chide some elements in the NPP for politicizing every policy and called on them to see Ghana as a corporate entity, fighting for the betterment of its people.

He said, the likes of Alfred Mahama and Ibrahim Mahama all brothers of the President should assume commanding heights of the party, because if they distanced themselves on the reason that they are not politicians, he said they should be reminded that their brother’s failures would be visited on

He took the opportunity and commended the following individuals in the party for their sterling performance in the course of the party: Madam Hannah Bissiw, Deputy Minister for Agriculture in Charge of Livestock and Member of Parliament (MP) for Tano South Constituency.

The rest are, Mr Kofi Adams, Deputy General Secretary and Spokesperson for ex-president Rawlings, Mr Collins Dauda, the Minister of Water Resources Works and Housing, and Nii Lante Vanderpuije, MP for Odododiodioooo Constituency.

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