Asesewa Government Hospital Nurses And Midwives Action: A Good Example For Other Workers


An action, unlike we have witnessed in the history of this country, as far as health workers are concerned, Nurses and Midwives at the Asesewa Government hospital, staged a demonstration, not to ask for increment in their salaries, but rather to push government and their management to improve their service condition.

They made certain allegations against the management of their hospital that we think the Ministry of Health (MOH0, must take it up, to ensure that, monies collected by way of surcharging patients are used for the purposes for which they are intended.

In a petition submitted to management of the hospital, the nurses and midwives notes that “we can categorically state that we receive nothing in terms of motivation and for that matter coming to a stage where we got to pull heavens down before we are given uniforms/protective clothing is deeply regrettable.” This is so touching and unconventional in this country.

Last year, government had a stand-off with doctors in this country, which lasted for months, their demand for which they held the country for
ransom, was that, they have been employed without any written conditions of service.

In this country, the only time workers embark on demonstration or strike action, is when they believe that, they are not being paid their due. It is always to ask for increment in salaries, without proposing how they intend to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), so that government is able to meet their demand.

Never will workers demonstrate or strike because the tools they need to work with are not there or even in short supply.

Because the consumables and other working gears that they used are supposed to be bought from internally generated funds that, they supervise, they don’t care whether it is there or is expired.

These midwives and nurses, have demonstrated that, we still have health personnel, who still believe in what they are doing. They have putting not only their interest across, but also that of their patients.

If only we still have workers in this country who are so passionate about what they are doing, as we witnessed in Asesewa, we will have a much safer society.

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