Asere Citizens Must Be Truthful To Make Gamashie Peaceful


The Caretaker Chief of Bortianor in the Ga South Municipal Assembly, under Asere Divisional Stool of the Ga Traditional Council; Nii Hefo Betsofa Asere I, has maintained that Gamashie, could be peaceful, if citizens of the Asere division are truthful in their dealings with each other.

According to him, the Ga State is fraught with all manner of insecurities, such as sporadic chieftaincy disputes and land guard activities, because some elders and leaders, have decided to shy away from the truth.

He said, Accra is not enjoying peace, because of the activities of some unscrupulous leaders, who parade themselves as chiefs, particularly from the Asere area of Accra.

Nii Asere known in private life as Daniel Nii Atuquayefio Atuquayefio, who is also the Acting Dzasetse of Bubuashie traditional area, made this revelation, when he interacted with the media on issues bothering the development of the Ga state, ahead of the Homowo festival.

“The Ga state is fraught with myriad of problems, because some leaders are not truthful with the citizens in the state.

People who are not supposed to be Chiefs are made chiefs and elders and they resort to selling lands with the tacit authority of some people in the Asere division”, he maintained.

He said, most often people who are not close to any stool, are made leaders and inducted into the division with a stool name, only for such people to die for their children to start laying claim to the stool, when the rightful heirs are around.

He said, Asere is the worst culprit, when it comes to doing things this way, because the leaders are not punctual in taking actions on matters of urgency.

He explained that Gamashie, can be peaceful during and after the Homowo festival, only if the people of the Asere stool, particularly the DJorshie people, were truthful to each other.

Take a look at the Sempe area headed by Nii Otintor II, Otublohum area headed by Nii Dodoo Nsaki, now Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, as well as Gbese headed by Nii Ayi Bonte.

The rest include, Ngleshie Alata headed by NiiKojo Ababio etc, are all calm now and their leaders are seeking development for their people, but Asere is not so, he stressed.

He called for the cessation of these practices, particularly among the Djorshie people of Asere, and further urged them to look for competent people to man leadership roles to make Gamashie peaceful.

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