Aseidu Nketia Exposes EC Over Cost Of New Voter Register



….The new register will cost Ghana Ghc830 million not Ghc390million

By Barnabas Asalimba

The General Secretary for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Aseidu Nketia, has revealed that the Electoral Commission led by Jane Mensah,  lied to the people of Ghana, hiding under the auspice of political favoritism to plunge the nation into chaos.

The EC, told Ghanaians that the cost of new voters’ register is estimated to be Ghc390 million which is not factual and not conformative with what parliament approved .

Parliament, he said, approved Ghc830 million for the exercise of which they have in possession of EC’s expenditure.

The General Secretary, made these revelations in the a press conference in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region over the week.

According to him, the NDC as a party and members of the 1992 Constitution compilation still maintain that the need to compile new voter register ahead of the 2020 general elections lacks credibility and substance until the commission engages all political parties in conformative with the law in a consensus dialogue to agree and disagree with their proposal.

He contended that if Jane Mensah and her team, ignore the calls and views of the sovereignty, whose power we all rely on, and heed to do the unthinkable thing to favour one political party, they are doing that to betray our electoral democracy.

Since 2012, we build our elections through a consensus dialogue of which EC and all political parties institute Interparty Advisory Committee (IPAC) to enable us address issues relating to the elections and it associated logistics.

This process, Jane Mensah played key role through her NGO- IEA…Institute of Economic Affairs ensuring that political parties understand the need for peaceful, transparent and credible elections.

“So what have changed this time when the same Jane Mensah who were propagating for consensus engagement and now sitting on the high seat as the  Electoral Commissioner decided not to engage political parties for the same consensus dialogue, if she did not mean mischievous”?

Since the issue of new voter compilation cropped up, the commission had never call for any stakeholders meeting to deliberate on the  need for new voter register. Despite the fact that many civil society are kicking against the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voters’ register, Jane Mensah seems to be the referee of the game and decided to back her favourite team.

The EC view to compile new register was that: the machines are out of use, and the cost of the new machines is going to save the country Ghc20 million…but when ask the cost of old machines, they declined that they are independent body and such issues are not suppose to be privy to anyone.

Mr Aseidu Nketia, stressed that there is no register and there won’t be any register without ghost names. The register Jane Mensah said it is fraudulent and cannot conduct 2020 general elections, that same register was used to elect her president, Nana Addo in 2016, the same register was successfully used to conduct a referendum in 2018 and the recently held District Level elections.

Which is more justified for any Commissioner  irrespective of that Commissioner’s interest lies, should have abreast or credit that register as credible for any elections. And can only say let’s change machine A or B for they are not functioning properly to avoid  the trauma of another voter registration exercise and needless cost.


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