Asafo Pentecost Dedicates Complex Chapel


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo, Kumasi

A complex chapel built by the congregation ofAsafo Church of Pentecost had been dedicated.

The over one billion Ghana cedis church edifice which was named after the late M.K Yeboah, who mooted the idea to establish the Asafo branch of the church in 1998 was solely financed through donations and special offering from the congregation.

Currently Asafo is a district with more than ten branches of the church under its jurisdiction.

In his sermon a retired Apostle of the church, JK Essel asked Christians to live by the virtues that Jesus Christ stands for.
According to him, Jesus showed selfless attitude even at the time of his crucifixion in order to give mankind everlasting life.

He said, the characteristics of suffering for others as Jesus exhibited should be emulated by all those who believed in his teachings.
Apostle retired Essel noted that the ministry of Jesus is purposely to transform lives of the afflicted persons, therefore persons who desired to be Christians must copy His example .

“ We as Christians must be each other’s keeper as Jesus our savior demonstrated even at the peril of his life ,I hope if we all go by this principle ,there would be total peace and tranquility among us, irrespective of our difference in religion and ethnicity,” he remarked .

On his part the Apostle JS Gyimah the Asokwa Area Head of the church , cautioned Christians to desist from chasing miracles, instead they should stick to the words of God and lead holy life.

“Some of you here, even elders of the church had relegated the reading of the Bible and rather chasing anointing oil and wrist bands with the hope that these things can solve their problems, all these are from the devil,’’ he warned.

He said, the purpose for a church to put up a chapel was to serve as a place where persons in difficulties can seek refuge, but unfortunately many had turned the chapel to an arena where they squeeze money from the unsuspecting members in the name of special prayers and miracles.

Pastor Jerry Paul Adzah, who is in charge of the Asafo district of the church was happy that against all odds over 25 years of the existence of the church at Asafo, the vision of the forebears of the church to get a permanent place of worship had been fulfilled .

He said, as the body of Christ ,the members should not be complacent by glorifying the size of the temple, but must rather be more serious in evangelism to win the astray souls into the house of the Lord.

“I believed that with the coming into being of M.K Yeboah Temple members would see greater heights and become relevant models to the community,” he added.

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