As We Sit Aloof, Trading At Overheads Multiply By The Day


In Ghana, we know what to do, we have gone ahead to enact laws to guide us in the discharge of our duties. As a country, we have employed people and clothed them with responsibilities.

But often times, those who are paid to perform specific duties and the citizenry, all sit aloof, whiles wrongs are committed in the society.
We have become a reactionary nation, and so we all play the victim, because that is the easy way to break the law.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), cannot convince us that, they have not seen the activities of traders at both the overpass at Tetteh-Quarshie interchange, as well as the new one builtin front of the old Secaps Hotel.

Many of the overpasses in the city have been turned into mini markets, where traders sell all manner of goods. The one at Achimota, is being used to sell food stuff, such as cassava, plantain, yam etc.

One thing is very clear from our observations and it is that, Ghanaians are very industrious, they will turn every available space into amarket and so it behooves on the authorities, to take advantage of the willingness of the people to trade, to create markets possibly at some of the overheads.

As it is now, their presence and activities that take away the beauty of the place, they compete with pedestrians for space and their presence also breeds criminals.

Walking on most of our overpasses and one has to weave through traders, who have spread their wares on the floor;it is sometimes an eye -sore and a rather preventable situation, if only action is taken on time.

When the places become a full market, any attempt to move the people and we will hear the usual cry of, that is what I sell to pay my children school fees and feed my family.

City authorities must wake up to their responsibilities, before things get out of hand.
Even the interchanges at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, have also not been spared of these illicit trading activities.

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