As The Of Number Covid 19 Increases; Can The EC Call Off The Intended Voters’ Register


The December outbreak in China of coronavirus, known as COVID 19, is fast becoming a plague.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is worried about the pace at which the disease is spreading. According to official records, the deadly disease has killed over 10, 000 people around the world, with many more already down with the ailment, which is estimated to be over 300,000.

In Ghana, by close of Sunday March 22, Ghana has recorded 21 cases and the numbers are said to go up, given that, the affected people came in contact with some people when they arrived in the country.

Without gain saying it, COVID-19 outbreak is a major public health emergency that has spread so fast like a bush-fire in the harmattan, burning its way through many countries.

From reports, there seem to be an element of panic similar to what was experienced in the early days of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The only difference is that coronavirus kills faster than AIDS.

The situation as regards the outbreak of the disease calls for urgent, desperate measures. With the speed at which the disease is spreading, it is obvious that the world is indeed a global village.

To that extent, it behoves countries like Ghana, with peripatetic citizenry to take extra care in designing a containment policy for the disease.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, this newspaper is disappointed in the unrelenting stance by the Electoral Commission (EC) to still be contemplating compiling a new voters’ register in the face of this herculean danger that, the world is dealing with.

Surprisingly, while other countries are investing and expending their time discussing how to keep their citizens safe, in Ghana, all that some people care about is a register, which will serve no purpose if no one is alive to vote.

Jean Mensa, should know that they is more to life than voters’ register, the success of her tenure is not going to be determined by how many registers she compile, but in organizing a free and fair elections.

It is right and within the limit of public expectations of us as a responsible media house to warn Jean Mensa that Ghanaians, will never forgive her, should she allow her political bias lead us all to our early graves.





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