Army General Sacks MP From Disputed Land


By Patrick Biddah

The long tussle over a piece of land between a retired military officer, Brig Gen. Daniel Mishio and the Member of Parliament (MP for Tamale Central, Mr Inusah Fuseini, reached a spectacle last Friday when the MP was prevented from stepping foot on the land.

It all happened when the MP, received a call from his son, Abdul Wahab, informing him of seeing perceived ”encroachers” developing the land.

As a first step, the MP’s son upon seeing the perceived encroachers , confronted them only to realize that the Retired Army General, who is also a claimant to the parcel of land which is within the Tse Addo community, is supervising some work to be done.

He, the Retired General, ordered his aides to drive the MP’s son away when he enquired about what was happening on his father’s land.

A visibly helpless young man, placed a distress call to Mr Inusah Fuseini (his father )who showed up after some minutes later in his car.

Upon arriving, the MP attempted entering the land which was fenced, but was denied entry by the soldier

Not happy by the presence of the Tamale Central Legislator, Brig Gen Mishio (Rtd) asked the MP what he came to do on the land and that he was trespassing.

In response, the MP, said he got wind of some people said to be on the land with  earth moving machines on the land and therefore wanted to come ascertain.

Whiles, the exchanges were going on, onlookers had little to do as both the MP and the Retard Army General, appear to be known for claiming ownership of the land.

Before, tempers could calm down, the MP threatened to go to Court over who has the legal ownership of the land, a threat which was welcomed by the Army General.

Both Mr Fuseini and the Retired Army General are known to be the best of friends, until the claim to ownership of the land begun.

Close associates of both men, have easily described the two as brothers, who lived on the same lane in the Tse Addo neighborhood.









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