Armed Robbers New Trick To Stealing Cars Is To Tow It Away

Seen as a clear departure from what we are used to regarding the modus operandi of armed robbers, in stealing cars, they have devised a new and clever way of stealing cars without being caught.

With the police stepping up their operation and launching Operation Father Christmas, armed robbers, who have been a thorn in the flesh of Ghanaians, in the course of the year, have also change the way their operate.

Hardly a day passes these days, without a report of a break-in or a car being stolen. What they do is simple; they will bring a towing car, to tow your car, as though, you have engaged the services of a towing company. With this clever method, even the prying eyes are denied the opportunity to ask questions.

This newspaper is of the view that, we should be each others’ keeper. The police cannot be everywhere all the time, besides they need information from us to enable them provide us the protection and security that we need.

As Christmas approaches, a lot of theft, will be recorded across the country, already car battery stealing syndicates, are already perpetuating their acts in so many areas, even in broad day light.

Operation Father Christmas, there is no doubt is a good one, however, we hope that, it will not be used to extort money from drivers, in the name of checking car papers, when the police are needed mostly in the communities.

This newspaper also wishes to caution the police, who are to be deployed not to turn Operation Father Christmas to Operation DV Plate cars.

The incidence of stolen cars in recent weeks, have become one too many. It is becoming difficult to own a car and go to bed with your two eyes closed.





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