Armed Mob Invades General Quainoo’s Farm Land At Nmai Dzorn


Demeter Farms at Nmai-Dzorn, belonging to retired General Arnold Quainoo, has been invaded by a mob that includes heavily armed land guards on the early hours of Saturday, August 3, 2013, knocking down everything in sight, despite several court warnings, including one from the Supreme
Court to stay off the land.

The mob allegedly led by a gang of five, made up of one George Gyan, Amarquaye, Akpor, Dan Mensah and Adolf all of Nmai-Dzorn, was said to have planned the time of their invasion to coincide with the period of the 2013 Legal Year holidays and the Supreme Court judgement on the 2012 Election Petition.

The gang is said to believe that, a possible civil strife and violence after the Supreme Court ruling coupled with absence of the court due to the legal vacation, could facilitate and consolidate their illegal seizure of the Demeter Farm Land.

The heavily-armed mob was reported to have commenced their massive illegal activities on the land, using heavy excavators to knock down the security fence and gate protecting the General’s house.

The highly decorated General Arnold Quainoo, served the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in many capacities, including its highest position for a uniformed officer; the General Officer Commanding the GAF. He also served in the various continental military bodies for many years, even outside Ghana.

The heavy excavators, indiscriminately uprooted many of the trees that the General planted himself on the land and for which he is said to have been awarded a National Environmental Prize for Forestry in 1996.

The Herald is also informed that in the process of uprooting the trees, the farm’s underground electrical cables were destroyed resulting in parts of the farm being left in complete darkness.

The crop farm owned by the drivers was also entirely crushed. This paper is further informed that as at now, the mob is very busy erecting concrete walls around the areas they have cleared.

The heavily armed land guards deployed on the land on permanent basis by one George Gyan, were said to constitute a continuous source of threat to the life of the General, his family and the farm hands. They also continuously taunt the Generals family with questions as to when they will vacate their quarters in view of the takeover.

The said George Gyan, is claiming the invasion has been dictated by the fact that he bought the land for his company, from one Nii Okpelor Jacob Ablorh Mensah of the Numo Sowah Din Okpelor family. But his claim is seen as rather strange, since the facts in respect of the Demeter Farm situation, cannot justify such purchase.

The facts on Demeter Farm Land situation as published in the Supreme Court of Ghana Law Report (SCGLR) for the year 2003-2004, cannot justify the sale of the Demeter Farm Land by any member of the Okpelor Sowah Din Family as they do not own the said plot but General Quainoo does.

The Supreme Court in its judgement in Civil Appeal No 24/2002, issued an Order Number 28, which expressly saved the Demeter Farm Land documents from cancellation and annulment as demanded by the Okpelor Sowah Din Family.

On account of continuous Okpelor Sowah Din Family harassment of Demeter farm owners, the land Title Registration Division of the Lands Commission also considered it necessary to remind the Okpelor Din family of this fact through the family’s own solicitor, K. SAN of the Supreme Court decision, asking them to stay off the land.

On Friday June 23, 2013 edition of The Herald, details of proceedings, on the judgment delivered by the Lordship Justice George Ato-Mills Graves in the High Court on Friday, June 3, 2013 in suit No FAL/04/2012, was published.

In that suit, Nii Okpelor Sowah Ablorh, sued General Quainoo on behalf of the Nii Okpelor Sowah Din family, but His Lordship Justice George Ato Mills- Graves High Court Judge stated that “Surely, I do not see the applicant interest and propriety right in their land as extended to cover the land granted to the grantees of the Ashaley Botwe Family”.

It is believed that the Okplelor Sowah Family, knows that they have no legal right to grant any portion of the Demeter farm land to anybody. Those purchasing the land from members the Okpelor Sowah Din family also know the judgement given in favour of the Okpelor Sowah Din excludes Demeter Farm Land.

The illegal sales and purchases of the Demeter farm lands, have been going on out of sheer greed and disrespect of the law.

The extensive damage that is now going on at the Demeter Farm, under the leadership of George Gyan, is seen as a criminal action for which he and the mob ought to have been immediately arrested and prosecuted for criminal damage to property.

Lawyers have said that the cost of the massive destruction, must be assessed and George Gyan made to pay.

“The determination to seize and keep the Demeter farm land through land guards and terrorism must not be allowed to continue,” one private law practitioner has said.

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