Are We Pushing The Ec Too Hard?


Electoral Commission (EC), like any institution of state in Ghana, is working very hard and around the clock to meet it constitutionally mandated duty.
We have heard many times, since we ushered in the multi-party democracy in 1992, about bias on the part of EC, without any concrete, but only on circumstantial evidence.

Politicians in Ghana are not good sportsmen, anytime an election goes against them; the victor, colluded with the EC, to deny the losers victory. When you consistently accuse an innocent person of one crime or another, you will force him or her to commit the crime, just to justify the accusations.

This year, is already shaping up to be an interesting one, because of the November 7 polls. Political parties, have already started throwing mud at the EC, accusing the Commission of bias, even before the November 7, polls.

These accusations, we usually hear from political parties, but not civil society organizations, which are expected to be observers and fair umpires.

The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), despite the timetable and the effort by the Electoral Commission, is questioning the readiness of the Commission for the November polls.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, the National Coordinator of civil society group, Albert Kofi Arhin, questioned among others, whether the commission has fully implemented the recommendations of the Justice VCRAC Crabbe panel, which took submissions and proposals for and against a new voters’ register.

The job for the Crabbe’s panel, was a straight forward one, i.e. whether or not the country needed a new register. A consensus after the panel finished its work, was that the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which first raised the issue of bloated register, could not provide enough evidence to support the allegation.

The EC, subsequently released a timetable, with timelines on what it is doing until the polls. Questioning the preparedness of an institution that has done this over and over again, is not in the interest of anyone.

We need to support and encourage the Commission, not question every decision it takes. At the time the EC, established the Justice Crabbe panel, proposals, were requested from political parties and civil society organizations, if CODEO, missed that opportunity, this is not the time to be putting impediments on the way of the EC and derailing it progress.

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