Are We Prepared For The Rains?

Another rainy season is here with its attendant hopes, trepidation and anxiety.

Most people welcome the rains for bringing coolness and freshness, especially at a time we are experiencing another round of ‘dumsor’.

But lurking behind all this excitement of the new rains is fear: the fear of flooding and of the loss of life and property.

With climate change, the world, has begun to experience higher water levels, which cause flooding even in places not prone to flooding.

Last year in the Northern region alone, at least 34 people died during flooding caused by heavy rains and waters spilling from the Bagre Dam in neighbouring Burkina Faso.

In Accra, seven people were killed on Monday, June 18, including a 32-year-old medical doctor at the Ridge Hospital by floods following torrential rains that hit some parts of the country.

The disaster affected, almost all the ten regions of the country,  destroying properties, displacing people and death.

For these sad occurrences and disasters not to happen again, the time to act is now.

We at this newspaper implore the government, as well as the Municipal, Metropolitan, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to as a matter of urgency, engage residents and enlighten them on the dangers of dumping refuse on waterways and other measures that would help their communities avoid such disaster.

At the same time, it is apt for the governments to keep to its promise to dredge and clear canals, drainages and other waterways to ensure free flow of water in cosmopolitan areas.

Recently, we had to deal with earthquake that shook some parts of Accra, while other sane countries, have tried to adapt to the peculiarities of their topography, a lot of Ghanaians find it more convenient to blast hilly and mountainous areas for the sake of construction.

We call on the agencies of state like The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA), the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), and the Ministry of Interior, to shoulder their responsibilities and confront, both boldly and frontally, the perennial issues associated with the coming of the rains.

To avoid the huge but preventable losses due to flooding and other related challenges that come with the rainy season in 2019, all hands must be on deck.

And the time to act is now; we should not wait to begin the wailing, which will only last for as long as the issue is on the burner.








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