Are We Poor Or Simply Lazy?


We are always looking up to God to provide everything for us, this is manifested in our quest to worship him, when we congregate at our places of worship, everyday of the week.

Whilst, we are busily engaged in worship, our counterparts in other jurisdiction are working themselves to death to change their environment and the world.

Days have been set aside for worship, either you are a Christian or a Muslim, but in Ghana, you still find people worshiping in the middle of the day, when that person should be working to earn a living.

So it is either we are looking up to God, or we have turned our politicians into gods and we expect them to work magic and miracles for us.

Everywhere you turn people are crying of poverty, yet everywhere you turn we are surrounded by opportunities.

We have been fed with free things over the years that, we have rendered ourselves incapable of doing anything for ourselves.

Every problem we face in this country is an opportunity waiting to be exploited, but how many of us are ready to go outside our comfort zone of having everything provided for us, to start thinking of making an impact in our society.

How many things do we use in this country that is manufactured here, we are not sympathetic to failure, so the few who have tried and failed, are forced to give up their dream.

The simplest things elude us, things that are assignments for students in other jurisdiction are things we cherish in this country.

Many of us, have been give fish and not taught how to fish, many have been taught how to fish but are failing to fend for themselves, because we are lazy in the mind.

Even the simple things confuse us, we are not poor, we are rich, we have all the resources needed to make every country great and it citizens comfortable.

We have fertile soil, virtually every crop can grow in any part of the country, yet we import most of the foodstuffs from neighboring countries.

We must begin to challenge ourselves, we are capable of achieving great things, if only we will eschew the laziness that seem to define us.

We are not poor, our poverty is not because we don’t have the resources, human, natural and capital, we are simply lazy.

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