Are We Doing Enough To Move This Nation Forward?


On Friday March 6, Ghana will be celebrating fifty-eighth year after it attains Independence from the British colonialists.

It cannot be said that after 58 years, we have not achieved anything as a people. Like in the life of every man, we have had our highs and lows, and yet we still remain one of the most peaceful nations in Africa.

As we celebrate 58 years, let us asked ourselves if we have done enough to help move this country to the destination we all want. Have we criticized constructively and have we positively made any meaningful contribution to the project call Ghana?

58 years in the life of a man is long enough to take a introspective look and see if any improvement has been made, because in two years time that person, will be going on retirement. Is Ghana in a position to go on retirement in the next two years? We should all ponder over the question.

We assemble every year across the country and listen to speeches given by our leaders, how many of us go home and actually manifest what we hear at the parade. Like we say in Ghana, it goes through one ear and comes out of the other.

We are all guilty of what we accuse our leaders of, because those leaders did not come from Mars, they came from among us.

We at The Herald thinks that we should all start asking ourselves what we can contribute to make the realization of the dream of our founding fathers a reality.

How many of us are not in a hurry to leave this country, we call our homeland. As student growing up, we sing the national anthem as well as the national pledge every morning, how many of us understood what we were saying and did we do with it after leaving school ?, remembering those words would shape our lives today.

Nobody, will come from anywhere to make our country better, we should all put our shoulders to the wheel and stop thinking that politicians are captain planet or supermen, who wield a magic wand to make things happen.

Let us all reflect on our individual lives and contributions. It is only together that we can make it. The extreme partisan politics is the reason we are where we are today and instead of looking for solutions, we always engage in blame game.

We wish Ghana and Ghanaians well, let us all rise together!.

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