Are We Becoming A Nation Of Drunkards?


Unrest is what men call delight and how do we define spending quality time with friends and family?

A week never passes without you running into a new advert of a new alcoholic beverage that has been introduced into the market by a local alcoholic beverage manufacturing company.

The situation has become so precarious and rampant that it calls for national attention, something radical needs to be done to save the future leaders of this country.

Over the years, successive governments, have made the effort to promote made in Ghana products. The effort is yielding fruit as we have noticed the passion the current Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah, has attached to promoting and elevating local industries to meet international standards and compete
with them.

The President, not too long ago, took a tour of some pharmaceutical companies that the government had injected money into, to help them expand to save the sub-
region, that is a plus and an achievement we should all be proud of.

We at the Herald are for the promotion of Made in Ghana products, but we can do this in so many sectors, not only in the production of alcoholic beverages, which has a negative effect on the lives of the citizens and the country in the long run.

Someone once said that the way things are going, very soon urine will be bottled and labeled in the name of Alcoholic drink.

Surprisingly, all these beverages, aside serving as refreshment, also seek to enhance sexual performance, and this comes out so clear that one begins to wonder if
all we are interested in as a people is having sex.

All these beverages are targeting the youth, who are the future leaders of this country. What future does a country have, if all its youth are drunkards and they spend their past time having sex?

We cannot pretend as if we have all stopped thinking, one companies produces a product and claims it does one thing or another and the youth buys into it, the next day, another company will come out with similar product, promising it does the same thing as that of it competitor.

We want to drink, but must all that we drink be alcoholic? This country is blessed with so many fruits that if only we manage our things well, we should have a year round availability of fruits, instead of hearing this is not the season for this fruit or that fruit, we can process those fruits into non-alcoholic beverages for the consumption of Ghanaians and possibly export some to earn foreign exchange.

Our local beverage companies that have earned so much producing alcoholic drinks need to diversify, why can’t we have a drink that could compete with Coca-Cola, Sprite or Fanta, when we all know the health implications of drinking some of these Sodas.

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