Are The Doctors Living Up To Their Oath?


The arrogance of workers in the country has reached its epic, especially members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), who have taken an oath to protect and preserve human life.

Members of the GMA, who over the years, have been made to look like they can lord over all of us, for which reason their services, have been described as ‘essential services’, have now demonstrated that indeed they are more important than all of us.

Essential to their oath is the respect for human life, regardless of who and which social class that person belongs to. It is disheartening to know that they have gone back on their oath and are holding Ghanaians, whose taxes were used to train them to ransom.

Can they honestly tell us that they are attending to their clients, who have employed them, either as family doctors or company doctors?

We were all created equal and as such, we should endeavor at all times to treat each other equal. The lack of respect and candour exhibited by both the President of GMA and his Deputy, who instead of being in the consulting room, have rather being jumping from radio station to the other telling all of us in the face to go to hell.

We at The Herald presume that they subscribe to a certain faith, they should know that the day of reckoning will come, when all of us will account for our stewardship on earth, the knowledge that you had and the privilege position that God has put you, how well did you use it to his glory and to advance the course of mankind.

Why do they have to make it clear to all of us, that all they care about is money, what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

Despite the Interlocutory Injunction secured by the Government, compelling them to call off their strike, they still have the courage to question the instructions of
our courts and yet they want their decision which they fathom is their right to strike is respected.

We live in a country of rule of law, if you disagree with the ruling of the court, a lot of avenues have been provided to seek further redress and interpretation, this should all be done within the remit of the law, until then court orders otherwise, must be respected.

They are setting a bad precedent that is not healthy for our democracy and good governance; we must all work an express ourselves within the confines of the law.
We cannot preach virtue and practice vice. God is watching them, Ghanaians are watching them.

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