Are Telenovelas Taking Over Our Tv Stations?


Every media house in this country is in the business to make money. In order to make profit and remain relevant, a station needs to design and air programmes that; the public would love to watch.

Advertisers, when deciding which TV station to run their adverts on, also look for a station, that is most watched, so the more people that watch a TV station, the more adverts that station is likely to get.

In the early to late 90s, a lot of the programmes that we used to watch on the only TV station we have in this country, had so much local content enriched with our cultural values and morals.

On Sundays, we don’t miss Obra, on Thursdays, we don’t miss TV Theater, and on Saturdays, the children don’t miss by the fire side. These were not just programmes to entertain us, but were educative, insightful, cultural, as well as religious.

We used to watch ‘What Do You Know’ religiously. Brilliant Science and Maths Quiz, was one programme that was the pride of every student in Secondary School. We argue, tease etc, among our friends from other schools, but today all these programmes, have all given way to Telenovelas from Mexico.

TV 3, obviously for being the first private TV station, set the tone, when it aired Acapulco Bay. Today, the number of TV stations in the country number more than 30 and if only there is one thing, they compete among themselves, it is the number of Telenovelas, a station shows.

The competition among TV stations today is not in the content of their programmes, or how many local programmes that teaches our value and culture, but rather on the number of Telenovelas.

For every gain we make, we erode all the good achievements that makes us unique. Where are all the programmes that tell the story of our people?

Watching TV these days is no longer fun and educative, after 7 pm, from Monday to Sunday, you cannot escape a Telenovela, after the major news bulletins, the next best thing on TV is a Mexican soap opera.

How do we develop our country, when even what we watch on our TV stations are imported.

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