Are Our Doctors Depending On The Internet To Treat Patients?


Medical profession in the years gone past is a noble and a professional one that is seen more as a calling and left for people with conscience and a sense of duty to serve God and save humanity.

These days, unfortunately the medical profession is a preserve for those who do not have the passion, but rather can afford, it is reserved for the children of politician or you should gain access to read medicine only if your father or mother is a doctor.

Of course, some people are able by the grace of God to scale through the often easy, but biased interview, where one is asked what the name of his parents are, what they do for living, etc, this interviews are conducted before one gains admission into any of our medical schools, but the lucky ones are in the minority.

A visit to any of our health facilities, tells a story of our health sector sitting on a time bomb ready to explode anytime. Doctors by their training are suppose to have compassion, time for patients, listen to them, where necessary ask that they run laboratory test, before prescribing any medication.

The case is different these days, with the help of the internet, what most of our doctors do is that, whiles explaining to them how you feel or after telling them your pain, they will quickly google your condition and based on the result that comes up, they will prescribe the drug to you.

What they forget is that we have different conditions and we react differently to drugs and so any lazy approach of lumping all of us in one basket is a recipe for the number of deaths we record these days as a result of medical negligence on the part of doctors.

Their penchant for always asking for increment in salary is also another misplaced priority; this is beside the point that most doctors in Ghana, work in more than one hospital or clinic, a lot of them even own private medical facilities, so why should they always hold the government to ransom, because of delay in allowances etc.

Our health facilities are now death traps, our doctors have become a vessel for killing patients, when one is referred to a facility, it is only a matter of time before his or her family are told the person is dead.

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