Are Ghanaians So Hardworking That They Don’t Go On Leave?

Anytime there is a change of government, or new management take over an organization, you hear people being asked to proceed on leave.

Most people for inexplicable reasons accumulate their leave, especially civil and public servants.

This issue reverberates on a daily basis and it is often interpreted in so many ways. Some call it witch hunt, political persecution, etc. As a country governed by law, we should make sure we enforce the law that stipulates that, every worker must take his annual leave when the time is due.

The public sector, which saw to the passing of the law, must begin to learn from the private sector. At the beginning of every year, a form is brought around to all employees to indicate which month, they intend going on leave. If the management finds out that, many employees won’t to take their leave on a particular or the timing is not favorable, most especially getting to the end of the year, the employees are asked to change the month.

In advance countries, annual leave is compulsory, you do not have the luxury of postponing or skipping. Employees get fired for failing to take their annual leave.

There is a good reason why employees are required to go on leave every year, even machines that are mechanical need servicing once in a while, else they rust.

Employees need to go on leave to refresh their brains, learn new things or expose themselves to new environments, while they are home; this explains why tourism is a big business in the developed countries.

When employees adhere to the law, we are able to tell whether any proceed on leave is a witch hunt, persecution, or a punishment as in the case of the former Director of police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), COP Bright Oduro.

While we condemn the action of the Ghana police, in the way and manner the former CID boss was treated, we equally call on Ghanaian workers to desist from accumulating their leave period.

Governments overtime have acted negligently by not insisting that workers take their annual leave.


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