A/R NDC Exposes NPP Schematic Tactics Over Kejetia Market  Stores Allocation


By Barnabas Ayeliba

The Ashanti Regional Communication bureau of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) led by Abass  Nurudeen and Asarfo Adjei, have criticized the ruling government, NPP and the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) for what they described as “schematic tactics” to deprive kejetia market women from benefiting from the national cake.

In a press conference to set the records straight amidst correcting the lies and abhorrent tactics of KMA and the NPP, Mr Adjei,  stated categorically that, the NDC, has no hand in any allocation issues of the kejetia market, because the NDC initial agreement had been suppressed by the NPP.

According to him, the then government in power, NDC, laid down stern structural procedures, which was aimed at benefiting traders. What the NDC led by the then president John Mahama did was to released the stores to traders, who were on the terminal on permanent  rental basis.

That said, new traders, who will come in were also agreed to collect a three months rent fee and a monthly payment also on permanent basis.

But when the NPP took over, renegotiate the allocation structure to five (5) years renewal basis which wasn’t part of the initial plan by the NDC to enrich themselves.

The structures in allocating  the  stores by the NPP, is a calculated attempt to share the stores among themselves, because the whole game by the KMA and the NPP to collect traders a whopping Ghc28,000 to Ghc10,000 from traders for five years renewal is inhuman, disheartening and disgusting by any government.

Again, the elephant prices, according to KMA and NPP, were determined by parliament. But, their own aligned fidelity bank is to grant traders loans to rent the stores with interest paid within the five years period.  “What kind of self-assassination is this NPP?” He queries.

“We are challenging KMA and the NPP to produce documents indicating that the NDC had created the mess of the allocation of stores in Kejetia”.

The NDC, were acting cautiously according to the proceedings of the project because, it was pre-matured to determine price allocation of stores.

So what went wrong in allocating the stores by KMA, should better be corrected by those who want to take their 10percent.

It is so heart-touching to note that, the long overdue delay in allocating the stores to traders, has taken this new deceitful trend.

Our information has it that, chairman Wontumi  alone had requested for 160 stores to be given to his party people and family members, leaving traders who were occupying the terminal at the auspice of having no stores due to the unrealistic pricing.

Since the $987 million dollar project was secured by John Dramani Mahama, had received several critics and counter accusations of to engaging in galamsey. But thanks to His Royal Highness, Otumfou Osei Tutu II for taken an unrelenting step forward and the project was commenced and completed.

As members of the NDC and having initiated the Kejetia project, laid down flexible structures to support the Ghanaian tax payer.

But this idea has been subdued by the NPP. Hence, want to stated categorically without mincing words that, KMA and the NPP government led by, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to immediately reverse the allocation of stores, amidst reviewing the prices to its initial agreement, because the purpose of constructing the facility was to facilitate a conducive  platform for  business transaction  in the Kumasi Kejetia-redevelopment project.


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