Appolonia Chiefs Defend Sino Africa


…..Says Company Lawfully Acquired 1, 000 Acre Land

Sino Africa Company Limited, a leading Ghanaian Real Estate Development company, has debunked claims that, it unlawfully acquired for its real estate business, a 1000 acre land at Appolonia, to provide a first class rated A properties to it Ghanaians customers.

The company argues that, it is a law abiding establishment and so will never go about performing it work by unlawfully taken what does not rightfully belong to it.

“Once it is established that the land is for them, we do not intend to take anything from them, so as we speak, the matter is in court”, the company has said.

This is according to the company’s Operation’s Manager, Gabriel Forcby, who on Wednesday took journalists to the disputed land at Appolonia, a yet to be properly developed community, in the Kpone-Katamanso district, in the Greater Accra Region.

The visit, was to afford the media, an opportunity to learn at first hand, happenings at the site and activities of some so called landguards, whose bosses are laying claims to portions of the properties, valued at millions of Ghana Cedis.

Speaking ahead of a press conference by the Appolonia Stool at Tema in Accra last Wednesday, Mr Foroby said, the 1000-acre land was lawfully aquired from it owners, after satisfying themselves with information from the Lands Commission.

Mr Forcby said every information during their enquiries at the Land Commission showed that the land belonged to the Appolonia Stool and so went ahead to purchase it legally.

In 2009, our company bought 1, 000 acre land from the accredited representatives of the Appolonia Stool.

Before this acquisition, we conducted a search at the Lands Commission, which search disclosed that, the land was actually in the name of the Stool, so having thus satisfied ourselves we went ahead and negotiated with the chiefs and acquired the said land.

Other arrangement were done by the company to protect the land from encroachers until in 2014, when they had information that “some people had encroached on portions of the land with the aim to desipate the land and this occasioned substantial and huge cost to us”.

He said, following that encroachment, they mobilized to fence the land, but in the course of the construction of the fencing, they had another information that, another family (Gbesteli Family) emerged that they owned a portion of the land was theirs.

Mr. Forcby, said they initially did not bother themselves, because they believed that they had bought the land from the right owners.

Later on, he said they met with the Gbesteli chief that if at the end of another boundary measurement it was found that, their land had gone into the one the company purchased from the Appolonia Stool, they will be prepared to pay the difference and that was agreed upon.

However, after the agreement with the Gbesteli chief, he said they were reported in the media that they had, “we heard on the airwaves that we were reported to have taken over land, seeking to create the impression that we were being inconsiderate and insensitive”.

He noted that, other companies have taken the issue to the Tema High Court. The two companies are Delimawe and Multi City Company, but all attempts to put an injunction on the land by Multi City Company, was thrown out by the court.

At the time of the visit, portions of the wall, had been pulled down by people who claim to have bought portion of the land from one of the aggrieved families.

The demolishing of the wall he noted, has been reported to the Police-CID for investigation. The various claims which are still pending in court he noted, was impeding their work.

“You know this accusation was a huge one, our plan was to build as a real estate company first class top rated A properties for Ghanaian and so by reason of that our investment is in jeopardy and i think we are not the least happy”.

At a press conference in Tema the same day, one of the heads of the three royal clans which make up the Appolonia Stool, Nii Tettey Iddrissu Mansra, said the attempts by others to claims their lands were unacceptable.

The two other heads are, Nii Seth Gbli Nartey who repsresents the Kojo We and Nii Seth Affum for the Sanshie We.

According to the clans spokesperson, who happens to be the Head of the Bediako We, Nii Tettey Iddrisu Mansro, the names of the three families which own the land, are verifiable at the Lands Commission, and it is captured in a high court suit number BMISC407/2013 and as such identified as accredited grantors.

He explained that in 2010, “the accredited grantors released some acres of land to a company called Sino Africa.

Sino Africa entered the lease agreement with us after it had duly conducted search with the relevant bodies and originations who have jurisdiction over land matters and were fully convinced without reasonable doubt that they were dealing with the rightful grantors of the said land and in this case the kingmakers of Appolonia”.

He said, the land released to Sina Africa for a period of 75 year, did not fall within the jurisdiction of Gbetsile Family, but Appolonia.

“We again want to serve notice to the pubilc that any grant or grants done within the lands of Appolonia without the consent of the accredited grantors are deemed invalid”, he said.

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