Apostle Ackaah Tasks Clergy To Propagate Peace Message


From Samuel Mensah TORBIZO, Kumasi

The General Overseer of the Caravan o f Prayer Outreach Ministry at Gyinyase in Kumasi, Apostle Johnson Ackkah Braimah, has tasked the clergy to intensify the propagation of peace messages, as the country waits for the final verdict of the Supreme Court on the 2012 election petition.

He said this is the time for the clergy to prove to the entire country that through them God always saves his people disaster, hence the need for intensification of peace messages through their pulpits.

According to Apostle Ackaah Braimah ,no development can take place in a chaotic atmosphere, therefore, it was incumbent on them as the leaders of multitudes to drum home the importance of maintaining peaceful co-existence, after the ruling by the Supreme Court no matter which party emerges the victor.

“This is the time for us as clergy to prove to the people that God through our messages and prayers, will save this beloved nation from falling into the hands of the destroyers.

We must all agree on principle that without peace nothing positive could be achieved in terms of development,” he stressed.

Apostle Ackaah Braimah, speaking to the media observed that though God listens to the prayers of his people, there must first be an accord between the people before that prayer can materialize.

He mentioned how God used Esther to bring peace to her people, when Judah was threatened by Herman.

“ We must be responsible first by preaching peace messages to our congregation to accept the out come of the election petition, this is because accepting the verdict whole heartedly has prominence for the future of the country, ’’ he said.

Apostle Ackaah Braimah believed that the nine member judges sitting on the case would come out with a fair ruling which would indicate democracy has been deepened in Ghana.

“I have absolute confidence in the judges that they will come with fair ruling which at the end no party wins but Ghana.
Let us have confidence in the judges for fair pronouncement of the case. Apart from we the citizens having no doubt in them, they themselves have their image at stake as they will come out with nothing but the truth,’’ he remarked.

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