Aphrodisiacs And Sexual Enhancement Drugs Flood Ghanaian Markets

In recent times, the use of aphrodisiacs and other sexual enhancement drugs seem to be the order of the day. An aphrodisiac is any food or drink that gives people a strong desire for sex.An estimated 20 to 30 million men suffer from some degree of sexual dysfunction or the other especially in their middle and old age. Aphrodisiacs are supposed to be for the old since they lack the ability to perform satisfactorily during sexual activity due to their age and strength. But it looks as though majority of the population especially the youth are mostly faced with sexual related problems this has led to massive patronage and usage of aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancement drugs on the market.

Aphrodisiacs have been with our culture for centuries particularly in the area of sex related issues but of late the rate at which these drugs are consumed is rather alarming .the youth especially the males start taking these drugs as young as sixteen .some aphrodisiacs on the Ghanaian market are viagra,Spanish,Aginine ,Tadalafil and some natural ones that are obtained from tree barks ,roots and leaves.In an interview with madam Joyce Alinko a vendor of aphrodisiacs at Madina market,she revealed that most of the drugs that she sells are from China and later stated that ,mostly,men who lacked the ability the sexual standards of their partners and older men who wanted to boost their sexual capabilities were her regular customers.The most disturbing thing about the sale of aphrodisiacs is that most of them have no certification or permit from the food and drugs authority.When I approached most of the vendors. I realized they carried out their activities with caution due to the fear of being apprehended by the police.

The food and drugs authority has stated emphatically that patronage of these drugs can lead to serious health problems.The board has gone further to say that,many of the cardiac arrest problems killing the citizens might be due to these substances.Though some health practitioners maintain that taking aphrodisiacs is not entirely unhealthy but rather taking the wrong ones is rather harmful.Intake of wrong aphrodisiacs especially the ones taken by mouth in the form of pills have some side effects which are headaches, bleeding,stomach pain and muscle pain.The artificial and foreign ones are mostly unhealthy and dangerous to one’s health.Research shows that,the local medicines especially those that are made naturally,are good for enhancing sexual performance.

The food and drugs authority have done every well to curb and fight the use of aphrodisiacs. But they should buckle up and do more than they are already doing. More efforts should be put in the fight against illegal aphrodisiacs on the market




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