Any Lessons For Ghana In The London-Uber Impasse


The city of London last month, decided not to renew Uber’s licence, after it deemed the firm “unfit” to run a taxi service.

Uber has been criticized in the city, over reporting criminal offences and not carrying out driver background checks.

Uber, is also in Ghana, and since its introduction, it has come to complement the traditional taxis that, we have around. It provides convenient means of transportation, it is reliable, efficient and to some extent comfort.

But what sort of background checks is done on the drivers to ensure the safety and security of their clients. In Ghana, we always wait for problems to arise before we all pretend to care.

We are always reactionary, instead of being proactive. The insurance commercial vehicles pay are different from those of private vehicles. Commercial vehicle insurance, cover the passengers, as well. What about the passengers Uber vehicles provide?

Is there any regulatory framework controlling the operations of Uber service in this country? With the way Uber operates, criminals can take advantage of it and sign up to provide the service to unsuspecting customers, who will ignorantly, either direct or take the cars to their homes.

In other, for us to rip the full benefit of the service, we need to regulate its operations. By so doing, we eliminate criminals, who will want to destroy the livelihood of genuine Ghanaians, who have found work in Uber.

London, with all its sophistication, technology and functioning addressing system, still had to grapple with problems associated with the lack of due diligence on drivers. Ghana must be on high alert and must take adequate steps to prevent any fall back on our inability to provide enough frameworks to check the activities of Uber.

The Ministry of Transport, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authourity (DVLA), as well as relevant state agencies, must come together to fashion a legal framework for Uber services.


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