Anti-Galamsey Taskforce Boss Indicted


…Angry Baako Reveals Gov’t Shielding Top Officials

A Presidential Staffer in-charge of coordinating the Anti-galamsey Taskforce from the Jubilee House, has been indicted for being neck-deep in the illegal mining business, commonly called “Galamsey”, despite President Akufo-Addo’s avowed commitment to end the menace.

Charles Bissue, who was given the job to lead a taskforce to clampdown on the illegal mining operation, has rather been described as a “chief operator” in the “Galamsey” activity in the Western Region.

This shockingly revelation, was made by a Lebanese national, who was captured on video tape by an undercover investigator, boasting about his connections and bribes he had given to people at the presidency.

The Lebanese mentioned a certain Charles, inside the Jubilee House, who is in-charge Galamsey.

Coincidentally, the officer in-charge of Galamsey is called Charles Bissue, and he told The Herald that his attention has been drawn to the video in circulation claiming he was the said Charles.

He disclosed that, he has reported the matter to Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the headquarters for probe.

Mr Bissue, flatly denied knowing the Lebanese, when The Herald contacted him on phone about the videotape.

In the video, the self-confessed Lebanese “Galamsey Investor” whose name was given as Mr Yahaya, was heard bragging “Do you know Mr. Charles; the one in-charge of galamsey?”

The Lebanese is well known in the Galamsey communities, including Diaso, Wassaa and Amenfi areas of the Western Region.

He goes about seeking concessions to operate. He is a common face in towns such as Sraha, Dwobo, Ayem, Amanase, Akatrika, as well as Ajakamanso all in the Western Region.

In the video, the undercover investigator, who disguised himself as a concessioner who wants to lease out his gold mine, at one point interrupted him saying…“Okay, actually for us, we are not into Galamsey. But is Mr Charles a very big person in the Galamsey?”

The Lebanese, who was then sipping a cup of coffee at the meeting responded, “Yeah, he is the chief operator of Ghana”.

He is said to be one of the kingpins secretly involved in bankrolling the galamsey business in the unlawful mining business.

The Lebanese, also mentioned that aside the presidency, he has connections with top officers of the Operation Vanguard, boasting he has been inducing the security men with money to allow him engage in the illegal business.

The illegal business, has led to the destruction of many forest reserves and pollution of several water bodies in the country.

In the 4 minutes 25seconds video filmed by an undercover investigator, the Lebanese was heard telling the “concessioner” that, his connections at the presidency are powerful and that nobody can stop him from doing the illegal mining, after payment is done to those in the Jubilee House.

When contacted, Mr Bissue flatly denied knowing the Lebanese, adding that he had reported the matter to the police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the headquarters for probe.

Although, Mr. Bissue, would not grant an interview, he told this paper, he had hoped it would look for the journalist (undercover investigator) who did the interview and captured the Lebanese.

“I will not grant an interview. I’ve reported the matter to the police, at the CID headquarters. You can contact them. I do not know the guy. I was thinking you will look for the journalist who did that interview. You are a journalist yourself; aren’t you?”

The Presidential Staffer told The Herald “The way the interview was carried out, is it a professional job? Because, the moment the guy mentioned Charles, the journalist ended the interview. He could have gone further to find out who the Charles is, what he does etc”.

Mr. Bissue, however, insisted that, in the said video, his accuser did not say he knows him.

“But in the video he [Lebanese] didn’t say he knows me?

Kwaku Baako Angry, Drops Hint

Meanwhile, Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Mr Kwaku Baako, one of the anti-galamsey advocates, has been unhappy about the government’s continuous silent over the matter, describing the development as worrying, despite documentary evidence involving key politicians submitted to both past and present governments.

Making the mind-blowing revelation on Accra-based Joy FM’s News File programme two Saturdays ago, Mr Baako said “…Let me be blunt, enough documentation and records were made available to the Mahama administration as well as this (Akufo Addo) administration on involvement of key political operatives.”

According to him, “Regional Chairmen, Constituency executives, some of these things are documented with the Ghana Police Service and nothing is being done, because of these political elements. If we don’t take that political element out, we should forget it.”

He also hinted that, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, is almost ready with what he describes as an ‘explosive’ exposé on illegal mining.

“Anas’ fight against galamsey is work in progress, let nobody be deceived that it’s been aborted, it has not been. It is almost 80percent to 85 percent complete.”

The veteran journalist, revealed that the investigation which has taken Anas two years to undertake, will reveal how influential persons, including chiefs, politicians and persons in the security services are neck-deep in the menace which continues to wreck havoc on the environment and water bodies.

He believes the naming, shaming and possible prosecution of these big men who are behind the illegal practice, will go a long way in fighting the destructive activity.

But even before Anas’ tape would be released, The Herald, has landed some explosive video tapes and pictures of top officials of President Akufo-Addo’s government, chiefs and other political stalwarts, who are secretly doing the illegal mining business.

This paper in the coming days, would be publishing details from these tapes in a series involving Ministers, Chiefs, Regional Chairmen, and constituency executives.

                                                                                       More To Come!

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