Animal Farm Management At GCB-Bank Revealed



By Gifty Arthur

The management of the GCB-Bank, is being accused of operating an Animal Farm administration, using flimsy reasons to sack workers, while sparing management staff and appointees of the state-owned financial institution, with similar reasons.

So far, three categories of workers have been affected by these dismissals, The Herald has gathered. What is even more disturbing, are claims that those being dismissed are clandestinely being replaced by relatives and other persons connected to the Akufo-Addo government.

One category of the dismissed workers, were sent home after a strange academic audit was selectively conducted by management.

Interestingly, the audit did not include management members and other appointees of the bank. Those sacked after the academic audit feel, it was as though the GCB management, had specially targeted some individuals to drive away.

Indeed, some of the workers, whose appointments predated the administration of the previous management led by Ernest Agbesi, were sent home with the excuse that they failed to obtain a C in Mathematics and English Language at the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE).

Interestingly, the entry qualification into the GCB bank is a degree or High National Diploma (HND) not SSCE certificate.

The aggrieved workers argue that, sacking them for not obtaining C in Maths and English is flimsy, because there are still some officials in managerial positions, who would have been dismissed also, had the academic audit been fair and not selective.

They descried the dismissals as unfair because aside their degree or HND, most of them had chartered in various fields, including accountancy, marketing, banking and ACCA, and made these qualifications available to GCB-bank, and been recognized, and working with it.

For instance, a Ghanaian lady who was engaged by the bank, was discovered to have obtained D in mathematics at SSCE.

She, however, could speak and write Chinese fluently, because she had schooled in China and also chartered. She had her appointment terminated, and as a result, the bank’s Chinese clients who hitherto would have been served separately by this lady, are deserting the bank. This is because, the bank had created a desk for her to serve the Chinese nationals, and her absence is affecting business, because of the language barrier and the absence of a translator.

Another, category of staff sacked by the bank, are the staffs of defunct UT and Capital banks.

The last group, are others who were pushed into the GCB-Bank, posing as workers of the collapsed UT and Capital banks. It is unclear who recruited the last batch, but they are reported to also have banking experience from some private banks across the country.

They questioned the academic credentials of the current Managing Director (MD), Mr Anselm Ray Sowah, claiming he had neither marketing nor accounting background apart from working with the Ghana International Bank (GIB) in London.

Interestingly, attempts and petitions by former employees of GCB-Bank to have a meeting with the management over their dismissal, are being thwarted by the bank’s management.

The former workers in their quest to seek justice and fairness, have contracted the services of a labour consultant, to serve as their representative and seek audience with the bank on their behalf.

But the letter sent to the Bank announcing Mr Seth Abloso’s involvement in the deliberation towards resolving the impasse brought about by the dismissals, has been shunned by the bank, refusing to engage the labour expert in any form.

Mr Abloso, had written to the GCB saying “I refer to the letter dated 1st March 2019 by which some of your employees have appointed the undersigned as their Representative. The said appointment is for my clients to receive proper guidance in their quest to engage the Bank and address some issues occasioned by the termination of their employment”.

The letter dated March 5, 2019 again requested that a meeting be held with management of the Bank for discussion concerning the termination of the workers’ contract, and other related matters. It also demanded other documents from the bank concerning employment conditions among others.

The four paragraph letter said “Consequently, it is hereby proposed that a meeting with Management should be held for a briefing on the termination and related matters. We shall be grateful if you should furnish us with a copy of the Bank’s Employment Conditions of Human Resources Policy or any relevant policies in the subject matter of termination for our study before or at meeting”.

They are, therefore, among others, calling for a Human Resource audit for all staff, so that if they genuinely want to clear those with lower grades, everyone who falls within, gets the sacked.

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