Angry Bride ‘Dodges’ Groom’s Kiss


The church was filled with families, friends, and many guests. It was their wedding day.

After exchanging the vows, the priest asked the groom to kiss the bride. He made an attempt and as he moved close to his bride to kiss her officially before all, she turned away!

He attempted again and she pushed him away from her! Surprise. Then, the congregation erupted in laughter and the latest husband too smiled. Obviously, he was embarrassed by his pregnant bride standing before him with anger visibly written on her face.

This is no television drama. It happened recently in Ghana and the video has gone viral on the Internet.

The lady who was visibly angry throughout the wedding turned away her face when the man made a move to kiss her ahead of their marriage pronouncement. Not only did she turn her face but also pushed him away from her while still in an angry mood.

Everyone wonders what came over her. Though there are many reasons why brides get angry on wedding days, the major factor, according to psychologists, is the inability of a groom to keep a promise(s) made.

Also, some adduced pregnancy-induced stress for this particular bride’s behavior who could not help but look angry but many said she wanted to teach her husband a lesson.

The bride isn’t the only one to get mad at a groom during a wedding. In April 2016, according to the Hindus reports, an Indian bride cancelled her wedding with her groom after realizing he had no toilet built in his home in India.

The groom had failed to complete the toilet before the day he was supposed to tie the knot. The 25-year-old bride later agreed to marry another suitor who had a toilet in his home, The Hindu reports.

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