Anas Should Sue Kennedy Agyapong For Every Penny He Is Worth


There is a saying that no matter the effectiveness of the treatment given to a madman, it will not stop him from whispering.

The problem with Kennedy Agyapong, is not that he is a fool. The problem with him is that he is a fool that loves to perform in the spotlight.

He is an erratic fool that goes out of his way to impress you. He is the fool that keeps pushing the boundaries of idiocy. He is the fool that demolishes impossibilities. He is the fool’s fool!

My father told me something that has failed to depart me, he said “ Razak you cannot cheat an honest man”.

I am sure this is a saying many of you have heard before.  I am still at a loss why Kennedy Agyapong, has decided not only to put Anas Armeyaw Anas in mortal danger, but his source of livelihood and the safety of his family.

What Kennedy has done is not one of those things we say, ‘give it to God’. He has gone beyond the imaginable and must not be made to go scot free.

Kennedy Agyapong, has become the star actor of shame. He has even become a more audacious miscreant, set loose upon all of us and it is time, he is made to understand that, with every freedom comes responsibility.

Kennedy Agyapong, cannot be characterize because he has no character, he is everything but a Ghanaian, and that is what pains me that, his people keep electing him to represent them, when all he does is descend on everyone he disagrees with.

Anas Armeyaw Anas, has stirred Ken’s nest, and he is out gun blazing, firing from all cylinders. The communist inferior tactics he has adopted to fight Anas, is exposing him as someone, who is running away from his own shadow, because, if he has nothing to hide, why wrestle with the pigs.

The question, many have asked is, what is his motive? The answer is simple; Ken has always been an opportunist, an egoistic bastard, a jealous man, an attention seeker and an empty barrel.

As a legislator, he is supposed to be remembered for championing at least one bill, but no, Ken in parliament is dumb and only comes to make noise on radio.

It is obvious that Ken, fired by the deep wound of what we are all about to witness in Anas’s number 12 expose, has gone to town virtually putting a bounty on Anas’s head. Anas’s life is in danger, his privacy, has been invaded and strip naked before everyone. They are miscreants out there, who think and act like Ken and would not hesitate to do Anas harm, should they come in contact with him.

It has emerged that, Ken is not on the video, so what is eating him up?

On Wednesday on Net 2 TV, a television station that he owns, pictures, including the passport of Anas, was shown on the station and today on every social media platform, Anas’s pictures are scattered all over.

As if that is not enough, Ken, mentioned all the properties Anas owns and disclosed their location. These two instances, are enough grounds for Anas to proceed to court for invasion of his privacy.

Anas is a family man, married with kids, his work, has sent many people to prison, some have lost their jobs, as well as lives, some are on interdiction, and so it was reckless, unpardonable and highly incongruous  on the part of Kennedy Agyapong to release not only his pictures, but his properties. If he feels Anas, has stolen money or engaged in anything untoward to acquire those properties, he should head to court.

No humanbeing born of a woman, in his or her right senses, would condone and defend what the president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantekyi, said about the president, except Kennedy Agyapong.

What Kwesi Nyantekyi, has said is not an attack on president Akufo-Addo, or Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, but an attack on the soul of this country.

I mentioned earlier what my father told me, that you cannot cheat an honest man, you can only get him on loose talk.

Kwesi Nyantakyi, on whose behalf Ken, has gone mad, sold our presidency cheap, when he openly demanded for money to be given to the first and second gentlemen of the land.

Ken, has drawn the first blood, Anas should sue him for every penny that he is worth, he must be made to come under the mighty weight of the law, it is only then that, people of his ilk, would learn to tread, where even the gods feared.

This behavior, did not start today, we are all to be blamed because we urged him on, we created a monster, we should have stopped him, when he threw tantrums at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) at the Editor of Daily Dispatch, Ben Ephson, that was how he shot to fame.

Anas is not a public figure, he does not draw his salary from the consolidated fund and so his life is private. They is a lot of risk involved in what he is doing, he has putting his life down to make sure that, the children of Kennedy Agyapong and his grandchildren, will have a better future.

Anas must seek redress at the law court, Ken, must be called upon to come and tell us all, how he was able to arrive at the conclusion that, Anas, did not pass his law school exam.

This cannot be taken as a mere allegation coming from a drunkard. It is said that, when a blind man threatens to stone you, he or she knows what he is or she is standing on.

If such a weighty allegation is allow to pass, trust me tomorrow someone will resurrect it. Ken, has chosen a fight bigger than him and must be made to suffer the consequence of such a reckless decision.

After, it became clear that, the whole nation is against him on this matter, he resurrected his ancient pride to action and instead of eating the humble pie, going home to rest, has decided to issue a warning to his workers that, anyone who goes to watch the premiere of the investigative piece, would be out of job.

Ken is swearing, lying and scheming to remain relevant in a society, where his type no longer, have a voice.

He should thank his stars, this is Africa, if was a more civilize clime, he will be broke by the time Anas finishes with him.

We need to stop this aberration that is demeaning and ridiculing our legislature. Parliament, must also for once bare it teeth at one of its recalcitrant member.

Kenndy Agyapong


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