Anas Armiyaw Anas; Just Before You Decide Not To Show The Galamsey Exposé


Anas Armiyaw Anas, came to the lightlight due to his passion for his country. His sense of duty and professionalism, have won him many accolades and so he means different things to different people.

His last expose’ on the judiciary that shook the foundation of justice system in this country, is still fresh in the minds of many Ghanaians, who have been robbed of justice and fair trial, because they did not have the wherewithal.

The judiciary that, serves as the conscience of every nation and the last line of defence for all those in search of justice and equity, unfortunately, also joined in the frenzy of ripping the innocent citizens off.

Corruption in the judiciary has been a subject of concern for most who have, through experience, come to accept that justice is not cheap and often has to go to the highest bidder.

Before Anas’s expose’ there were unsubstantiated allegations of judges writing two judgments on the same case. The one to be read, will depend on who is paying more.

Anas and his Tiger Eye PI, have done other high profile undercover investigations, that has led to the dismissal, imprisonment and interdiction of many unscrupulous individuals, who have over the years, stolen our collective till.

I respect Anas Armiyaw Anas to the point of veneration, but my love for him, should not stop me from pointing out to him what I see as double standard in his avowed service to God and country.

When the Judges issue was gathering steam, amidst threats of lawsuits, condemnation and public discussions, both Anas Armiyaw Anas and his godfather, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, announced to the whole world that, following the judges expose’ was that of the legislature.

We were made to understand that, what has been uncovered in the House of honourables, was worse than, the goats and yam, we saw with the judiciary.

With bated breath and a lot of anticipation, Ghanaians waited for that expose’, perhaps, had the expose’ seen the light of day, maybe the bribery allegation involving the members of the Appointments Committee of parliament, will not have taken place.

It is almost a year now, since the Judges, came face to face with their crimes, the shame that came upon them which was self-inflicted, was more than any punishment they could suffer. Some of them are still in court fighting a lost battle, but that in itself is the beauty of democracy and judicial process that they abused.

What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander, what happened to the undercover investigation involving our Members of Parliament. We all know they are not above reproach; our representatives have come under heavy criticism for how they conduct business in the House.

We have had sitting Members of Parliament, openly admit to corruption in the August House. What Anas and his Tiger Eye PI does, is a novelty, it is out of the ordinary from what we are used to in this country.

The past time hobby of everyone in Ghana, is talking, we say things we haven’t seen, all our public servants are thieves, but for Anas he believes in gathering irrefutable evidence on both video and audio.

We all know most Members of Parliament are corrupt, but the evidence to make our case is difficult to come by, which is why when Anas and his godfather told us, Anas has done so work on our legislature, I said finally, the Chickens have come home to roost.

Despite constraints and challenges, Anas’s work, has always stood out as a lasting legacy for this country, he deserves every award a country can bestow on its illustrious sons. When you have putting yourself in a kind of position Anas has, you open yourself up for scrutiny, criticism and praise.

Ana’s work, has deprived people of their livelihood, homes have been broken because he brought to light what they were doing in darkness. The risk involve in what he does, only the daredevil, will be willing and able to do it. I salute him.

I am enamoured by his commitment to work to ensure that this country is free from corruption and actors of corruption.

Another storm started brewing about two weeks ago, it is by far, according Anas’s godfather, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, the biggest expose’ on galamsey.

Galamsey is scar on our collective conscience and it is a threat to our survival as a people. Several cosmetic attempts, have been made by past government to stop it, but it only keeps growing in uncontrollable fashion.

So imagine my relief and that of millions of well-meaning Ghanaians, when we were told that, Anas’s lenses has finally caught up with the criminals, who are degrading our forest reserve and polluting our water bodies.

My surprise, however, after further interrogation of the issue and reflection is that, you did an underground investigation, with audio and video evidence, just at the stage of putting materials together; you come out to talk about it, stating the category of people involved.

The greatest disservice and injustice, Anas could do to the country and generations unborn, is not to air the investigation.

Nobody should be spared, no names or part involving certain individuals, should be taken out.

We heard albeit allegations that before the expose’ on the Judges was aired, portions involving some judges were expunged.

During the erstwhile administration of ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor, some senior members of the inky fraternity made a lot of money through rumor mongering, a story will be put out to create fear and panic and then in the process, monies, will be released.

I hope, we are not back to full circle, where some people want to extort money from people and so, stories must be put out to get them to come to the negotiating table.

The longer the release of the documentary takes, the easiest it is for compromises.

Philosophically speaking – just before the sun goes down, and shall I say “Anas i hail thee” as I await and hope for the release of the expose’ on galamsey”.

Further delay in this regard is not an option.

Will Anas, allow those with the money bag to get to or he will have the will power to do what he has to do? That, obviously, is another matter for him and his conscience but, certainly, posterity will be the real judges.

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