An Open Letter To The Ghanaian Judges


Dear Judges: Let me begin this letter by telling you what you already know, by reminding you of what you are not expected to have forgotten: this year’s election has been predicted and is being widely seen as the toughest and fairest election, since we ushered in the Fourth Republican dispensation.

From today, till December 7, is going to be one of the busiest days of your working lives, as many of the candidates disqualified by the Electoral Commission (EC), for failing to adequately satisfy their requirements, will be heading your way to seek redress.

Dear Judges, I am not a learned friend, as you people refer to yourself, so I will not bother you with any legal opinion, but rather my letter to you is going to be based on common sense, which you lawyers say, don’t apply in law.

The destiny of this country is once again before you, the rulings you give and the reasons for each ruling is going to either impact negatively or positively on our forward match and existence as a nation.

Dear Judges, am in no doubt that you understand the burden before you, you have on many occasions been called upon to save this country from the precipice of collapse and on many of those occasions, you have risen to the challenge and calm the tension.

Every game, has it rules and the rules are binding on everyone, who avails himself to the game, if you are subject to the rules and regulations of the game and you don’t go by it, what do you expect? and ignorant of the law, as you lawyers say is no excuse.

As ridiculous as it may sound, are you aware that, seventeen (17) individuals, picked nomination forms to contest this year’s presidential election; yes 17.

The number includes people, with questionable characters, who are taking advantage of our democracy to make a mockery of what serious minded and well-meaning Ghanaians, voted in a referendum to have.

Dear Judges, a lot of them will come with various explanations, all to lure you into believing that, they mean well for this country, but no, to some of them this is a game or an enterprise they have found to foist their poverty on us.

We have allowed a lot of things to go unchecked for a very long time, the day we decide to apply the rules, you have the same people crying wolf.

You must join millions of Ghanaians in commending the Electoral Commission for being bold enough to disqualify as many as thirteen people, some of whom are notable names in our body politics.

Dear Judges, it is a well known fact that the worst thing anyone can do to a fellow human is taking such a human for granted. Ghanaians have for years been taken for granted and our patience is no more alive.

Following from the announcement by the EC, a lot of Ghanaians from all walks of life, have commended the commission for doing the right thing, because the number of aspirants are just annoying.

Dear Judges, we cannot afford any Constitutional crisis, the elections of December 7, cannot be postponed, even for a day. The whole country, is looking up to maintain the status quo and not fall for the stomach politicians, who cannot even be qualified to be on our electoral books as political parties.

I will be surprised, if at the end of each case, in the judgment the Judges, will tell the Electoral Commission, to with immediate effect, withdraw the licences of all political parties that fail to meet the requirement of the political parties act.

Our former Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Afari Djan, although has discharged his duties diligently, failed to do the needful, he allowed a lot of political parties to still exist on our books, although the parties have failed to meet all the requirements demanded by law.

One thing that found expression in the reasons for the disqualification of the presidential candidates of almost the thirteen (13) political parties is the double nomination of presidential candidates.

One person, nominates more than one presidential candidate, this means the political parties are non-existent in our Constituencies and districts.
Apart from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), that have branches and offices in almost every Constituency, the rest only exist in Accra and in the media.

Dear Judges, some of the political parties, only became known during the disqualification press conference addressed by Madam Charlotte Osei, it is my understanding that, one must meet a certain requirement, before he or she is allowed to register a political party.

Registering a political party, is not like opening a bank account, you need to meet laid down rules before, but it seems we are where we are today, because every Tom, Dick and Harry, who walks to the EC, is allowed to register a political party, without even having a national headquarters.

The jokers are too many, the number of candidates, who have put themselves up to contest the December 7, polls are a threat to our nascent democracy.

Dear Judges, don’t be like the elders, who were at home, while the she-goat gave birth while teetered, it is only in politics that, people commit
crime and get away with it.

The disqualified political parties must first answer to the good people of this country, why they broke the law, by engaging more people with questionable records to fill their nomination forms. Those who seek equity must first come with clean hands.

You are the conscience of the nation, where the politicians have failed, your intervention and good judgment, have saved the situation.

We are calling upon you, Dear Judges, to once again rescue our beloved country from the hands of the charlatans, who are angry and heading your way,
because their livelihood is being threatened.

These political parties, all they votes combined do not make more than two percent, so why allow them to contest in an election that, we all know will end with them losing abysmally, they simply don’t make it to the party.

You are there to interpret the law, not to change it

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