An Accra Based Lawyer Attacks NPP Gov’t For Attempts to Install their Own Ga Mantse.

By; Bernard Quanson.

An Accra based popular Lawyer, Mr Bright Akwetey, has attacked the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government for interfering for the second time in the installation of Ga Mantse[ King] for the people of Accra.

He said, even though, it is not proper for any government to interfere in Chieftaincy affairs, the government has for the second time shown clearly that they have a preferred candidate for the enviable Ga Mantse position.

Lawyer Akwetey made these pronouncements when he interacted with the media in Accra after the Supreme Court upheld a suit filed by the opponents of the Ga Mantse , King Tackie Adama Latse II ,  at the Apex Court that, he should not be inducted into the Ga Traditional Council as the Ga Mantse, because the High Court which made an earlier order to get the King inducted lacks jurisdiction to do so, as only the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over chieftaincy affairs.

Lawyer bright Akwetey, stressed that it was sad that the NPP government is interested in the Ga Mantse affairs and not that of other traditional areas, such as Kyebi where the President hails from.

The lawyer, said they would later advise themselves on what to do , stressing that for now their next line of action, will be taken after an in-camera stakeholders meeting to put things right for the Gazetted Ga Mantse, King Adama Latse II ,to take his rightful place as the De facto Ga Mantse and no one else.

Readers would recall that, the opponents of King Adama Latse II, who include one Nii Agyeman Kesse, Nii Dodoo Nsaki II , Otublohun Mantse and Nii Amui Kwei, who represents one Nii Tackie Obillie II and others, filed a writ of certiorari at the Supreme Court to quash an Accra High Court decision, presided over by Justice Abodakpi and Justice Naa Adoley, that Nii Adama Latse II, should be inducted into the GTC as President is unlawful, because the High Court, has no jurisdiction in chieftaincy affairs.

The Supreme Court, said if the High Court presided over by Naa Adoley, had dismissed the motion to induct Nii Adama Latse into the GTC as the President of the Council, because it has no jurisdiction to do so,  all the controversies surrounding the dispute and suits, wouldn’t have come up at all.

The Supreme Court constituted by a five member panel, presided over by Her Ladyship, Justice Mrs. Akoto Bamfo, consequently ordered that because it is only the Supreme Court which has the jurisdiction over chieftaincy matters, all the chieftaincy suits in the Ga Mantse matter, filed at the High Court before Justice Naa Adoley and Justice Abodakpi, should be withdrawn and the cases brough to the Supreme Court.

On his part , the Special Aide of King Adama Latse , in the person of Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Odododiodoo, Tackie Commey, in a Press interview after the Court proceedings, noted that the Ga Traditional Council , the Greater Accra Traditional Council and the National House of Chief, have all recognised King Adama Latse as Ga King and Gazetted him,so if the Government would not respect these institutions, then it is clear that democracy is being subverted by the NPP Government that trumpets that they believe in the rule of law.

The Counsel for the Applicants were, Lawyer Senanu and other team of Lawyers, whilst Lawyer Bright Akwetey, represented King Adama Latse and the Ga Dzasetse ,Nii Oto- Ga II.

Picture…… Lawyer Bright Akwetey , Counsel for the Gazetted Ga Mantse , King AdamaLatse II.


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