AMA’S Migraine Is The Filth In Accra


We have all over the years being complaining about filth, both the citizenry and the authourities, whose responsibility it is to ensure that our cities are clean of filth.

Our creator, who abhors laziness and had gotten tired of our complaints without any action, decided to teach us a lesson by punishing us with cholera.

In years past, the spirit of communal labour and the need to keep our environments clean was one thing every citizen living in a community cherished and then the need to privatize everything, including sweeping, cleaning and the disposal of waste in our communities came in.

What used to be a shared responsibility became the preserve of waste collection companies. It is common these days to find people sweep their compounds and come to dump the refuse along the shoulders of the streets, or find people who run shops along the streets to sweep their surroundings unto the street, because it is the job of somebody to come and sweep the place.

We have all lost our sense of responsibility, people litter the streets, we all drop objects out of moving cars, we all take delight in throwing waste into the gutters etc.

The problem with waste management in this country is because we decided to make it a profit making venture for private individuals and in the process have alienated the citizens from their responsibilities to keep their environment clean.

A report prepared by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and intercepted by some media houses, has concluded that almost all the waste management companies the Authourity contracted have not lived up to expectation, not a single one of them was able to meet its contractual obligation.

Another problem of concern is the use of polythene bags at every shop one goes for shopping, sooner rather than later, that too will come back to haunt us, if we don’t think of other means of carrying goods when we go for shopping. In other jurisdiction paper bags are the preferred choice for so many reasons that we all know.

When you travel abroad, where our leaders often visit for holidays and official duties, when you shop you buy the paper bags or nicely done polythene bags and you bring them along, anytime you visit the shop again, how difficult is that to implement in this country, we are all waiting for disaster to strike before we act.

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