AMA Must Act Now On Legon Flyover Posters


The Legon-Madina highway, which is part of the Gang of four roads, is about 95 per cent complete; upon completion it will be commissioned and then handed over to the Government of Ghana by the contractors.

Even before the road is completed, we have observed a certain unfortunate trend that is threatening to deprive the road of its beauty, especially the flyover at the University of Ghana, Legon.

The island on that stretch of the road is already being taken by weeds, but that is a story for another day, our emphasis today is on the wanton pasting of posters that is taking over the flyover.

The unfortunate development The Herald has observed is replete with posters of politicians, especially those vying for various positions in the upcoming National Executive election of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Whoever is charge of maintaining the road, as a matter of urgency pull down or remove those posters, at least until after the completion of the road.

This is not peculiar to the flyover at Legon, even at places where there are clear warnings or admonitions of “Post No Bill”, people still go ahead to paste their posters, in clear disregard or violation to the warning. The biggest culprits in this act are the politicians and churches. As Christmas approaches, we should expect that their convention posters and cross -over events will engulf the city.

We know as a people that we do not have good maintenance culture, so we should adopt preventive measures in dealing with our national asset. We should not wait for things to get out of hand, before we attempt any cosmetic solutions to solving them.

That road is one of the best we have in the country; it stretches from Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout all the way to Adenta, successive Governments have all tried to complete that road until now, a lot of money has gone into it, it is almost about complete, we have to do everything possible to preserve the road of it beauty.

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