AMA Initiative To Rid Accra Of Filth Suffers Again!


….As Residents Turn Dust Cans Into Dumping Sites

By Cecil Mensah

The laudable initiative by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) of the Greater Accra Region to rid the Central Business Districts of Accra (CBDs) of garbage, is fast becoming a nightmare for the managers of the metropolis.

The Herald can report that, the Assembly last week, mounted giant dustbins along the principal streets of the CBDs to assist pedestrians and hawkers dispose their waste properly in the area to avoid littering.

The giant dust cans, painted in red, gold and black colours, also had a strip of the Ghana flag at the bottom of the can.

The giant cans, further had the inscription ‘keep the city clean’ with an opening ‘litter here’ have been mounted at advantage points in the area to enable pedestrians and hawkers in the CDBs dispose of litters properly.

The initiative by the Assembly The Herald, has learnt was to push pedestrians in the city to do the right thing and stay disciplined; when it comes to littering, in relation to plying their business activities in the city.

The following areas: the Makola, Tudu,,Kinbu, Tema station areas, Railways, Post Office and its environs all in the Klottey Korle Constituency and Odododododiodio Constituencies respectively, have been littered with the giant dust cans.

Barely two weeks, after contractors of the Assembly mounted the giant dust cans; the area around the dust cans, have become a haven for some unscrupulous individuals to dump their waste, thereby destroying the beauty of the said areas.

The modus operandi of these unscrupulous individuals, was to wake-up in the wee hours of the morning and the late hours of the night to dump their household waste in the areas around the dust cans across the CBDs.

The unpatriotic attitudes of these individuals in dumping their household wastes in the area of the dust can, have defeated the purpose and intent with which the Assembly embarked on the exercise.

The Herald, has been reliably informed that the Assembly, took the decision to mount the giant dust cans to encourage pedestrians and hawkers to dispose off their litters into the cans to salvage the mounting situation of indiscriminate littering that has engulfed the central business district.

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