AMA Bans Cooking At Arts Centre


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), has banned cooking activities at Mensah -Guinea and its surrounding areas, to help check the outbreak of Chlorea in some parts of the Central Business Districts of Accra.

According to the Assembly, foods cooked in the area are done under unhygienic conditions, thereby leading to the rapid outbreak of the disease in the area.

Speaking after leading a delegation of Ga Chiefs to inspect the demolition of some illegal structures at the Mensah -Guinea area, made up of Nii Ayi Bonte, the Gbese Manste, Nii Dodoo Nsaki, the Otublohum Manste and Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, Nii Okwe Kinka, the Osu Manste and the entire Assembly members, Dr Alffed Oko Vanderpuije said, the purpose for the demolishing of the area was to halt the spreading of the disease in the area.

He explained that the Assembly did not execute the exercise with any malice, but to protect life and property in the business area of the Arts Centre.

Mr Isacc Bright Assah, the Spokesperson for the Assembly in assigning reasons for the September 5, 2014 demolition exercise said, the Assembly took the decision to earmark the area for demolition as a results of the following: high criminal activities, high levels of Cholera cases and high incidence of child prostitution as well cooking under unhygienic conditions for public consumption.

He said so far one hundred and fifty cases of Cholera have been reported in the area with thirty deaths.

Stating the scenario that led to the arrest of some reporters from Multi Television (Multi TV) on Saturday 6, about 9:PM, he said, the Mayor received information that a group of reporters from Adom TV had gone to the area and informed the residents that they want to help them by creating a story that the Government has rendered them homeless.

He said, the Mayor upon reaching the scene, he saw a media vehicle belonging to Adom TV; a media house the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has been working with for some time now.

He said surprisingly, the media men took to their heels when they spotted the Mayor.

“Left with no choice the Mayor, he questioned the driver of the vehicle and when he was not satisfied with the driver’s explanation, decided to take him (the driver) to the Ministries Police Station for further interrogations.

He denied the Mayor assaulted or manhandled the driver in any way.

He noted that the demolition of the area in addition to Soldier Bar, Abuja and Guggisberg Avenue slums, as well as the demolition of four hundred houses along the Chemu lagoon to pave way for the construction of the Accra storm drain was in line with the decongestion exercise under Acts 462 to relieve residents of the stress of congestion in the city.

He appealed to journalists, pastors , Imams and teachers to respectively use their respective medium to help educate Ghanaians to be responsible city dwellers.

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