Alternative Medical Association Formed


……Appoints Dr. Nyarkotey As National President


In other to regulate alternative medical practitioners in the country, alternative medical association of Ghana after all necessary consultations with the Traditional and Alternative Medical practice council, the association held its first general meeting at the Kama conference hall on Sunday 29th of May and appoints their executive members. The association is made up of both allopathic and alternative medical practitioners in Ghana. Membership is open to alternative medical practitioners who hold diploma, degrees, masters and PhDs in the field of alternative medicine.

The vision carrier of the association Dr. Michael Kyeremanteng the director of C4C homeopathic Hospital said it is about time for alternative medical practitioners in the country to unite and speak with one voice.

The association also aims to provide a forum for the practitioners to exchange ideas and information, concepts and knowledge. Through membership of the association, practitioners can increase their awareness of the trends and happenings in the field of alternative medicines in Ghana and different parts of the world.

Members of the association can also participate in international conferences organized by affiliate bodies. These events provide the members with opportunity to interact with fellow practitioners and therapist of international repute.

At the association first general executive meeting members were appointed to serve for three years. Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, a prostate cancer researcher, policy maker and registered alternative medical practitioner was appointed as the first national president of the association. His PhD research focuses on the impact of alternative medicine in Ghanaian men of West African descent diagnosed with prostate cancer and the use of the local plant croton membranaceus.

Dr. Nyarkotey underscored that Ghana has embrace alternative medicine as there is a council regulating it and as a nation of pluralist medicine, seeking medical treatment is by choice and In today’s world, it has been given a lot of prestige and thus, these subject are going huge amount of popularity among the people which inspired a lot of students to come forward and take up this subject and motivated them to give new direction to the subject and motivated them to give new direction to the subject and examine the alternative medical world with their light.

Dr. George Essiamah a medical doctor at the Winneba Hospital is the vice president of the association. Dr. Kojo Asamoah a retired lecturer at the University of Cape Coast with a PhD in Biochemistry was appointed as the general secretary and Dr. Naa Asheley Ashietey , a trained doctor of Chiropractic was appointed the Public Relations Officer. The association is to officially be launched in first Saturday in August.

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